What will the user see if he puts a Azure RMS protected file on SharePoint online?


  • Azure RMS account and document owner: hsh@haukeberg.com
  • SharePoint Online accont: hhauk@microsoft.com
  • Document shared with hhauk@microsoft.com read only
  • Do not worry about language (you can get this software in your language)

Here is what happens:

protected file in SPO
In a sharepoint site
RMS blocker
IRM (Azure RMS) disclamer. So NO Office webapps
file opening prompt
Normal open prompt
Checking for RMS client (you must have this)
opening prompt for creds
If you are not logged in, you need to do so
proper creds
Modern login
mfa challenge
MFA gateway for access
my premissions
Your current access credentials
denied access
If yo do not have access then the owner will get this mail.