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How to get complete Microsoft Teams Chat and channel history with eDiscovery

Did someone say something? or Do you just need to document what has been said for later?

Here is how you can use eDiscovery to get chat and channel history. In this guide I use the two following scenarios:

1. I need to find a chat with one certain keyword

2. I need to find all chats with a certain user or between certain users.

Here is what it looks like:

Search result from a private chat
search result from a channel

Here is what you need to do:

1. Get an admin to grant you an eDiscovery Role. You need this in order to view or pull reports. Have a conversation with your organization about having a manager or a reader role. There are plenty of roles to choose from but you MUST have a reviewer role to see the preview-results

How to set eDiscovery Manager premissions
Select the user and remember to click Save.

2. Now it is time to create an eDiscovery Search. Logon with our user that has the new rights (remember, even a global admin needs to be assigned this right. is where you log in. Then click “Search” and “Content Search”

Here is what the new search experience look like. You may switch back to the old one if you want to, black circle.

3. It is time to create some conditions in order to scope the search. I have images of two conditions below. One where I lookup a keyword and one where I lookup an user or external user. Remember, dont click save just yet. Jump to point 4 first below these images.

Here it will look for the keyword “Kommune”
Here it will look for a specific users interaction on your tenant

4. Now you may modify where to look in order to minimize the time it takes to run the eDiscovery query. Click on Modify and in this scenario I want the first option only for Microsoft Teams. Check the first slider and click save.

The search can also be scoped to users and groups or even teams inside this location picker.

5. While you run eDiscovery, your administrator will be notified by email. It looks like this:

eDiscovery has been executed by me.

6. I prefer the old eDiscovery preview so I will switch to the old panel in order to browse the results. Then select your search, if you do not see it just click refresh. Now on the right side click “Preview Search results” if your query is large it might take some time for the preview to be avaliable.

Time to get your results
This result will get the latest instance when I used the word “Kommune”

7. If you need an element simply click “Get Original item” and your chat string will be downloaded to you as a *.eml

That is it. Simple but with some clicking.

Benchmark for KingSpec 512gb mSATA SSD

After a while, the Wave 256gb mSATA chip started to fail and “drop” from Windows. Just decided that it might be time to replace the drive. On Banggood I found this item: Kingspec 512gb mSATA and it was priced affordably.

They deliver sizes up to 1TB and I now realize I should have bought the 1TB drive. Aw, to bad.

So how does it compare to the old Wave 256 GB and a Retail SanDisk mSATA SSD?

Answer: Quite Well! A bit better than the Wave 256 but way better than SanDisk. Check it out yourself:

Kingspec 512 mSATA SSD

SanDisk 512 GB mSATA SSD
Wave 256 GB mSATA SSD

Protect and Encrypt SPSS files with Azure Information Protection

Download the Azure Information Protection Client (Rights Management Service) client here: You can also get a distribution package in *.msi format.
Note that there is a separate viewer file which you can use in order to open protected files on a mac, pc or mobile phone.

  1. Install it (you will get a UAC promt).
  2. Find the SPSS file
  3. Right Click it and select “Classify and Protect”
  4. Login with your Azure AD account
  5. Select your label (you may add specific people and and expiration date)
  6. Click “Use”
  7. Now it is protected by your user personally and you may track the document.

To remove the protection, simply double click it and it will run and check your credentials. If approved SPSS will run 🙂

Dual Content Streams in Teams Live Event

If you have Microsoft Teams and the proper licenses you may initiate a Teams Live Meeting. The technology behind it is described there:

In all simplicity, you want to stream a presentation to very many participants on a multitude of devices. Anyone can join from wherever.

Here is how you have a synchronized dual view of both a video stream and content stream during your live event.

First start a meeting:

Remember to select Teams Live Event
This part enables recording in Microsoft Stream
Rememer to Turn on your camera here or on the next screen
Select Dual Screen
To add more than video click the share button
Now press “Send Live” and click “Start” Recording starts automatically
This is what your participants can see
Recording starts automatically

Create a new Azure AD directory in the same tenant

In your Azure/Office 365 tenant you may have several separate directories. You may also have custom domains but they will initially belong to a specific Azure AD.

An Azure AD directory is identified by the *

Here is how you create multiple Azure AD directories in the same tenant:

  1. Navigate to Azure AD Blade
  2. Click Create new directory
  3. Fill in information and select the correct country
  4. Click create and wait a bit
  5. Then click to manage your new directory
  6. Add custom domains if you need or just sync your new domain with dirsync

You may now add users or set up a separate domain sync. Or even custom domains.

This user catalog is separate and users need to be invited or added. Only one user will be present and that is the admin user that you were logged on with.

Hide Azure Active Directory from users

If any user in your organization decides to start using azure he/she by default can log in at and view the entire AAD catalog with object details. The user can also start to spin up resources and invite guest users.

First to hide the portal resources for your organization:

Now you can have hidden your org resources from all other users in the azure portal.

Next you may want to review the guest invitation permissions so users can not invite external users into your organization.

Review the settings here. Don’t be too strict.

Haukeberg i Eid tatt før 1900

Plutselig fant min far et bilde hos Romsdalsmuseet. Bildet viser Haukeberget med gården Haukeberg. Det bor 9 Haukeberg igjen i Eid.

Kjøpte bildet og printet det ut på aluminium med glassfront fra

Haukeberg i Eid
Haukeberg i Eid – Møre og Romsdal – 120×90

Her er et annet bilde av Haukeberg gård (til vestre i bildet)

Fergekaia i Nordvika i Eid
En kan og se garden Haukeberg til venstre i bildet og garden Søberg midt i bildet. Siden en ikke kan se prestegarden i Eid, som skul

Foto: Romsdalsmuseets fotoarkiv

Bildet er ganske tungt grunnet glassfront. Kommer med en meget god festeanordning.


Stilig speil fra Dansani

Trengte å freshe opp litt på det minste toalettet vårt. Lampen var gåen og speilet var knøttlite. I tillegg så hang det så lavt at jeg ikke så ansiktet mitt.

Dansani Solo

Kjøpt på
Tok nesten en måned, men verdt ventetiden.

Lurt av Autonova AS ved kommisjonssalg

Gambler over telefon

Autonova ringte meg og spurte om å få selge bilen. Jeg synes det var teit og sa nei fordi de ville at jeg skulle gå ned i pris. Da sa selgeren selvsikert at;

“null problem, Autonova legger på prisen din kr 25.000 og får solgt den fordi vi er et bilfirma med godt rykte”

Autonova AS Avdeling Fjellhamar


ADVARSEL: NAF anbefaler ikke at du leverer bilen til et firma for at de skal selge den  Det finnes varianter av dette, men populært så kaller man det kommisjonssalg.

Her advarer NAF:

Autonova AS brukte selvsagt et annet navn på kontrakten “fullmaktssalg” de refererer i etterkant til det som “kommisjonssalg” selv om det ikke står på kontrakten.

Slik ble et ikke.

Autonova fikk aldri til å selge bilen. Månedene går og bilen står på som dyreste bil. Autonova  ringer meg og bønnfaler om å få sette ned prisen, vi blir enige om å dele kostnaden og justerer ned prisen. Klarte fortsatt ikke å selge bilen.

Når har de prøvd lenge nok?

  1. Hvor lenge kan de få holde på bilen mens verdien synker og prisen er den samme?
  2. Kan de holde på bilen i uendelig tid?
  3. Hvis Autonova ikke får solgt bilen er det jeg som må betale Autonova for det?

Selvsagt har Autonova sikret seg selv ved å kreve 6000kr dersom bilen hentes ut og i kontrakten er det ingen sluttdato. Så her må du som Kunde betale for all risikoen som Autonova tar. I mitt tilfelle så tapter jeg uansett.

De får jo ikke solgt bilen, aldri, kontraktsbrudd?

For at Autonova ikke skal ha en bil de ikke for solgt så henter jeg ut bilen og selger den selv til prisen den opprinnelig stod til. Den ble solgt 4 dager senere.

Daglig leder mener at jeg skal betale for at de ikke klarte å selge bilen og feilbedømmet prismarkedet.  Jeg sier nei og mener at de ikke kom til å klare og selge.  Tonen blir fort truende da daglig leder tar dette personlig.

“jeg skal ta deg” 

Daglig leder Autonova Fjellhamar

Rask kommer det også beskyldninger om at jeg har bedrevet hærverk, villmannskjøring og dokumentforfalskning på facebook. Daglig leder misbruker sitt firma for å utføre personangrep både økonomisk og verbalt.

Konklusjonen er at du som forbruker taper uansett når først et firma bestemmer seg for at de vil ha pengene dine. _2103463533


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