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Hvordan få Uendelig Office 365 Education Lisenser

Hvis du er en kvalifisert skolekunde av Microsoft så kan du hente ned uendelig antall Office 365 Education lisenser for fakultet og student. Det er anbefalt å skille mellom lærer og elev/student. Noe funksjonalitet er avhengig av at lisensen er riktig.

Naviger til

Trykk på “Fakturering” og velg “Kjøp tjenester”

Husk å merk av for “Planer for Utdanning

kjøp planer

Hvis du ikke har kjøpt de før så havner de litt lengere ned på listen. Jeg har kjøpt det før så hos meg står det “Kjøpt” og jeg må trykke på de tre prikkene for å hente flere eller konvertere til “uendelige lisenser

kjøp flere

Trykk på “Endre lisensantall

kjøp eller hent flere

Velg så “Send inn” og du vil nå få uendelig lisenser for Office 365 A1 (Education)

få uendelig lisenser

Du får en oversikt over lisensene dine under “Fakturering” og “Abonnementer


Activate Azure Enterprise Subscription

Hi, here is a quick walkthrough of how to activate your top level Azure Enterprise Subscription Account on

This is where you define your organization, departments and organizational structure down to the individual faculty level.

NOTE: You do this before you log into .

NOTE 2: DO NOT add student and teachers here. This is for administration, IT and some researchers. You add teachers and students later in

  1. Find your activation email and copy or click the link (if you click it, make sure you are not logged into any other account.) azure welcome email
  2. Use your OFFICE 365/AZURE AD ACCOUNT for your enterprise. Do not use a Microsoft account such as
  3. Verify that you are using your correct workplace account to login to the service.
  4. Verify that again. I am serious. Make sure you are using the right account. If you are unsure, stop what you are doing and email me
  5. Your EA subscription is now linked to your workplace account. You are done.

Now you should add extra administrators. Click on Manage and “Enrollment” and add minimum 2 named admins.


Now, look at your organizational structure and start to add Departments. Remember to add administrators to each department.

AddDepartment (1)


Once you have set up your departments and accounts you may add additional subscriptions. Remember that services that run on different subscriptions do not talk to each other. Click Subscriptions and add extra subscriptions. You may create as many as you would like.



As you have multiple subscriptions with the same name, it is smart to change the name of each subscription. you do that in the click on “Subscriptions” then select the subscription you would like to rename and click “Rename


Finally it is time to add users or co-editors to your subscriptions. This can be students or teachers that only need access to this subscription for teaching or learning reasons.





Home Automation – Xiaomi Smoke Alarm (Sensor)

Hi there, here is a video and some pictures of how the Xiaomi Smoke Alarm works and how you can mount it. It is a photoelectric sensor and it is quite sensitive. I have another post where you can see how sensitive it is.

To add the smoke alarm into your Xiaomi app, have a look at the pictures below.

Remember that you can configure the sensor sensitivity by setting it to “smoke free zone” by default Chinese smoke a lot so this sensor is in default “little smoke zone”.


As usual I got this item from Banggood in one of my shopping sprees.

The alarm works on ZigBee and you need the Xiaomi Gateway in order to get a notification or trigger any automated actions.
All haters please comment below and let me know how bad it is 😦

Home Automation – Xiaomi ZigBee max range

Hi there, today I made a video to show how far you can place a sensor in the ZigBee network and still be in touch with the Xiaomi Gateway.

I am using this Xiaomi Gateway:

And this door sensor:

I have the gateway placed in the middle of my house so to say, right in the staircase.

Fresh opp vinduene, bytt vinduventiler – Howie’s Home

Har du de samme kjedelige vinduventilene I aluminium som ser stygt ut I de pene hvite vinduene? Det hadde jeg. Det merkelige er at markedet for vindusventiler ikke er så veldig stort og det er egentlig bare to typer (den tredje er teit og riktig gammeldags).

Type 1:


Type 2 – Spilvent, norsk patent.


Type 2 skal være best fordi den kaster luften inn I rommet og ikke bare ned ved vinduet. Jeg vet ikke helt hvor sant dette er da vi vet at kald luft synker uansett.

Vet du noe om disse ventilene, skriv det gjerne i kommentarfeltet nedenfor!


Howie’s Tesla Troubles – Side Mirror not folding out

Hi and welcome to this series where I blog one post for every issue I have had and how it was resolved

This time it is the right side mirror. They did replace the mirror motor (or so they said) but the problem is still persistent. The service technician said he will try to fix it next time he comes.

The problem is tricky to prove since every other time I get into the car my right mirror does not fold out entirely, sometimes it looks folded out since I am reversing out but once I start driving I notice that the mirror is not folded out. I then have to pull over and open/close the mirrors manually since it is not possible to close the mirrors during drive.

It is really uncomfortable to not have the right mirror especially when I need to pull over as I can not see properly the cars on my right side. Se a video below the images.

Tesla Model X Right side mirror not folded out
Tesla Model X Right side mirror not folded out

Tesla Model X Right side mirror folded out

Tesla Model X Left mirror
Tesla Model X Left mirror folded out properly
Tesla Model X Right side mirror not folded out
Tesla Model X Right side mirror not folded out

Do you think I am overreacting? Let me know in the comment field below.

Howie’s Tesla Troubles – Chrome details comes off

Hi and welcome to this series where I blog one post for every issue I have had and how it was resolved

This time it is the chrome decals on the rear trunk. This has happened twice now and the first time I had to come in to the service center, this time they are sending a mobile technician to my house. The reason this happens is because it is fastened only by a double sided adhesive tape. The tape is obviously of sub par quality.

Tesla Chrome details comming off in 2017
06. September 2017 Right side lose
Tesla Chrome details comming off in 2018
2nd August 20180 Left side

Check out the video below if you want to see it live.



Howie’s Tesla Troubles – Rear camera is broken

Hi and welcome to this series where I blog one post for every issue I have had and how it was resolved

This time it is the rear view camera that keeps breaking down. On a car this size it I really need it for parking. The only way to fix the camera was to reboot the car. I was hoping that this was a software issue but eventually I emailed tesla and requested a service appointment. They did replace the camera (or so they say). Works fine now.

Have you had a similar experience, let me know in the comment field below!


Howie’s Tesla Troubles – Front Plastic decals not fitted

Hi and welcome to this series where I blog one post for every issue I have had and how it was resolved

This time it is the black plastic decals over the front left and right wheelbase. This is something I have seen on almost all other Tesla’s as well. The fitting is really poor. I have asked them twice to fix it but the for got it the first time. It is fixed now and tightly fitted.

Here you see the plastic decals not fitted
Tesla Model X wheel plastic screen fitted
The black plastic decal is fitted neatly

Of course I had to have the car in the service shop for 1 day. Hope it stays this way now.

What do you think, something you have seen on other Teslas? Comment below and let me know.

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