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Howie’s Tesla Troubles – Front Plastic decals not fitted

Hi and welcome to this series where I blog one post for every issue I have had and how it was resolved

This time it is the black plastic decals over the front left and right wheelbase. This is something I have seen on almost all other Tesla’s as well. The fitting is really poor. I have asked them twice to fix it but the for got it the first time. It is fixed now and tightly fitted.

Here you see the plastic decals not fitted
Tesla Model X wheel plastic screen fitted
The black plastic decal is fitted neatly

Of course I had to have the car in the service shop for 1 day. Hope it stays this way now.

What do you think, something you have seen on other Teslas? Comment below and let me know.

Howie’s Tesla Troubles – Screws are rusting

Hi and welcome to this series where I blog one post for every issue I have had and how it was resolved

This time it is the screw that holds the rear camera in place. It is full of rust. Tesla explains that the whole car is made of aluminium so it should not rust, but the screws are subject to corosion. They also claim that this is normal and not covered by warranty.

I find  that hard to believe, use proper screws. Seriously. And why is only on screw rusting? This would not happen on a BMW or am I wrong? Please comment below if you think so.

Tesla has not yet fixed this, it has been on their list to fix twice and they forget it each time. Now they promised to fix it when a service technician comes to my house.

Video Below the images for live view!

Tesla rear camera screw rusting February 2018
February 2018 before sending the car to the service center
Tesla rear camera screw rusting August 2018
2nd August 2018, they forgot to fix it and now the service technician promised to do it.

Home automation with Xiaomi Yeelight and Motion sensor.

Hi there. On one of my regular shopping sprees on I came across these really nice Xiaomi Yeelight Ceiling lights

They are really good looking and super easy to mount. They also have a powerful light with multiple white color temperatures.

I can not express enough how well made this product is. Even if you just want a plain ceiling lamp, get this one. There is a quick connector to remove the lamp unit. The power connector unit does not require any screws for power and there are plenty of holes to fasten it to the roof or a power-socket box using standard lamp screws.

Anyhow, I connected three of these lamps to two motion sensors and thought the Xiaomi Gateway I set up an automation.

“Once you enter the room, turn on the lights” 


“Once there is no motion within 2 minutes, turn off the lights”

Really simple, here is how it works:


Howie’s Tesla Troubles – Front window cable canal won’t clip on

Hi and welcome to this series where I blog one post for every issue I have had and how it was resolved

This time it is the cable canal that runs from the roof across my front windshield to the rear view mirror. The cable canal will not clip on. Looks flimsy. I had the service technician try to clip it back into place but he was unable.

Is this something you would just live with or should I complain and have it replaced? Comment below and let me know.


Howie’s Tesla Troubles – Rear Spoiler Corroding

Hi and welcome to this series where I blog one post for every issue I have had and how it was resolved

This time it is the rear spoiler. It is corroding! Tesla states that their car is made of aluminum so it does not rust. Great I though, but guess what. Aluminum corrodes for some reason beyond my understanding of physics.

Anyhow, Tesla promised to fix this so I have deliver the car to the service center once again. I think this is the 6th or 7th time I am there.

Really bad… What do you think? Comment below and let me know how aluminum can corrode or if you have the same problem.

Video here below:


Home Automation with Xiaomi Wall Switch and door sensor

Hi and welcome, here is how you can automate your ceiling lights to turn on/off when you open the door.

With this setup I have automated the following task:

“Open door, turn on lights”


“Close door, turn off lights”

The automation works because I switched out the lighting switch with a Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch that is connected to the Xiaomi gateway. I mainly do not use the switch so it works kinda like a relay.

Due note that the wall switch does NOT fit into the EU wall socket boxes. In order to make it fit I bought a ELKO DIMMER BOX / RISER and put it over the wall socket.

Works just fine, take a look below:



Hvordan velge, vindusventil eller Spilvent?

Har et eldre hus med to forskjellige type vinduer og ventiler

5 vinduer kan ikke åpnes og har en Spalteventil eller “Vindusventil”

9 vinduer har Spilvent

Jeg har nå malt alle vinduene hvite og ønsker derfor å ha hvite spalteventiler, men hvilken type skal jeg velge?

På nett så står det at Spilvent kaster luften inn i rommet istedenfor ned på vinduet og det kan jo være greit, men gjør den egentlig det bare ved å ha en åpning motsatt vei?

Tinde vindu beskriver spilvent

Vi vet jo alle at kald luft synker.

Det jeg kan se for meg er at spilvent utnytter trykkforskjellen vinden blir sugd inn og får fart slik at den kastes inn i rommet, mens en standard vindusventil bremser vinden og kaster den ned.

Litt usikker på hva som er best, men det er ingen tvil om at vindusventiler ser penest ut.

Enable Microsoft Bookings in Office 365 Education

If Microsoft Bookings is not turned on for your organization by default, this is how you enable it.

My tenant setup

  • Office 365 A1 Education / Office 365 Education
  • My user is  a Global Admin
  • Please note that Bookings is a Office 365 A3/E3 feature (I can enable it but not use it)

Step 1:

Navigate to

Step 2:

Click on Services and Addins (The image has local language)

office 365 admin portal

Step 3:

Find Bookings in that list and click it

office 365 services and addins

Step 4:

Make sure that the first slider is set to On

Please take a note of the feature in red.

This feature does 2 things:

  1. Enables Facebook login which makes it easier for users outside your organization to book
  2. Enables sharing to social media.

It is by default “Off”. I suggest setting this to “On” if you are only using bookings with users that belong to your Office 365 Organization. Then you force them to use their Office 365 credentials to login and book. If you want external users, consider setting this to “Off”

enable microsoft bookings


Adopted from the Microsoft guide here: Turn on Bookings (Microsoft)

Please se the guide above for instructions on how to turn off/on bookings for individual users.

Upgrading to Ring Video Doorbell 2

I am super happy with the Ring Video Doorbell. It has proven both practical and efficient when I receive guests or packages or simply want to see what is going on outside. I have even spotted deers passing by in the night.

As they announced the Ring Video Doorbell 2 there were two things that mainly caught my eye.

  1. Full 1080p Video
  2. Quick Release battery.

The version 1 only had 720p and you had to unscrew and remove the entire doorbell to recharge it as the battery was integrated.

Some negative aspects:

The version 2 comes with a mounting bracket so you can use the existing holes, you still have to remove the version 1 plate.

Ring version 1 adapter

The fit with the adapter bracket is not perfect, it is actually really bad since it leaves a large gap at the top of the unit for water to enter. This is because my wood wall is not entirely straight and the version 2 unit has screw holes not on the top to force it onto the plate.

Ring video doorbell 2 misalignment

The finish on the version 1 is really good. Looks nice and feels nice. Premium material. The finish on the version 2 is really cheap and made of plastic. Center in the image below you see the version 1 in venetian bronze.

Ring video doorbell v1 and version 2 faceplates

The silver plate looks way to cheap so I have to go with the dark one.

Ring video doorbell v1 and v2 faceplate


Here is the end result:

Ring Video doorbell 2

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