I decided to get a Dashcam to monitor the traffic situation in front of the car. Some things to note about this dashcam:

  1. It does not operate when the car is parked
  2. It fits perfectly into the car and does not require any extra wire-work
  3. The control app is simple.

This is probably the cheapest and nicest way to get a camera into your car if you do not require rear view capture or parking capture.

It comes in a really nice box

topfit dashcam box

Instruction manual in English with a mounting manual. The English is okay enough.

It is a bit bulky but looks okay. It has a proximity sensor that takes a picture if you swipe your hand under the camera. It also has a motion sensor that locks pictures and movies from being deleted i case of a crash. It has a microphone and a small speaker. It can capture audio from the cabin.


The camera fits nicely into place after you remove the old plastic cover in your TMX

The whole process is super easy and it looks good afterward.

There are two things that I would mention as a negative aspect.

  1. The controller app is really simple and does not offer a lot of functionality. It does not always show the content of the camera properly so you might have to restart or click on the app several times.
  2. There is a voice coming every time the camera initiates, “DVR RECORDING STARTED” this is super annoying and I messaged the seller. He gave me a recipe for fixing it but it require you to update the firmware on the camera. Extra work.

that aside, I this is a good buy.

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