I was browsing Facebook and saw this ad for a cool no-spill, no-drip and easy to use paint brush. Of course I had to order it.

Here are some pro’s and con’s using the paint roller on a even painted surface:

It does not drip or spill when you are not using it or just holding it, great. Just fill it up and it holds all the paint.


Just be aware that it does require a great deal of paint in order to get soaked and apply the paint evenly. Well, evenly is a stretch the pain is not applied evenly because of the joint where the paint roller cloth is stitched together. Look at this:

You can clearly see the point of the roller where the seam is on the cloth. It also takes several rolls before the roller is soaked and even after it is soaked it does not apply perfectly and tend to slide rather than roll.

After applying several strokes it gets more even. Be prepared to have a lot of paint as the roller soaks a lot.


And it DOES SPILL. Observe the small paint droplets that come after rolling up and down. So it is not spill free.

My opinion: If I had a lot of paint and a large surface plus the roller had been a bit better quality with seamless stitching this would be a great tool. The only real problem is the stitching which can create uneven marks on the wall. It also takes a bit more time to clean after use.

I do recommend using a better quality roller with no stitching if you can find one.