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Turn off Voice on Topfit Tesla Cam

If you like me got the Tesla Model X topfit dashcam you might have experienced the annoying voice. If you mail the seller he will send you a guide on how to remove it. 

Here is a short summary.

  1. Update the firmware by inserting the memory card into your computer,
  2. Transfer the two files to the card
  3. Re-insert the card into the camera
  4. Wait for the camera to update
  5. Press the button once to turn of the sound

    Important: There are two files he sends you which are firmware upgrades to the unit. I put them on a OneDrive link below:

FIRMWARE Tesla Model X Topfit Dashcam

I have had some trouble with it and I think it works now.
Here is his reply in English unformatted. (I know it is a bit off):

Sorry for the late reply.

Its actual irritating to hear the voice “DVR recording” steadily. But dont worry. Ill always with you and solve this problem.

Firstly, please confirm with us about if the RORO CAM APP in your phone is the ZX06-170717V2.0 latest version.(Please see the 1st screenshot )

If the app is the latest version which marks  ZX06-170717V2.0,you just need press the shortcut button to close the camera sound. (Please see the 2nd screenshot )


But if  the RORO CAM APP in your phone is not the ZX06-170717V2.0 latest version,but is ZX06-170717V1.0 version. You need to upgrade the app to ZX06-170717V2.0 latest version first,and then continue with the following step.

The app update steps are as follows:

1. Format the SD card in the RORO CAMAPP of your phone first (Note: you need to connect the Tesla-Topfit WIFY) and then take it out from the dash cam.(Note: the APP is RORO CAM,and not the ROPRO CAM)

2. Then copy the two files in the attachment into the SD card.

(Note:You need to use a computer and a card reader)

After the file is copied to the SD card, re-insert it into the dash cam.(Note: At this point, you need to start the car while you operate)  The LED light flashes,and the dash cam will say DVR recording if it has completed upgrading.

3.  After the upgrading has been completed, its okay to re-format the SD card in the RORO CAMAPP of your phone ( Note: you need to connect the Tesla-Topfit WIFY again)

4. After the app completing upgrading, its okay to press the shortcut button to close the camera sound.


We dont know if the above description is clear, and if there are any uncertainties or the camera still makes noise after trying , be free to let us know,and then we think of other ways again. Now, trouble you to help us try according to the above steps.


Hope my reply can help you. Any other problem, be free to contact me again through this email or my Facebook( Teslafans Lee) or Whatsapp/ Skype( +86 13570835023).


Kind regards



Teslafans–exclusive for Tesla Accessory

Add.No.28, Pingdong Ind.Zone, Pingdi Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen 518117, China


Whatsapp/Mob. +8613570835023


Tesla Model X pedals replacement

You may replace the break and accelerator pedal plus the foot rest. The process is really simple.


The break pedal, simply remove the old rubber pedal


On the accelerator pedal you just slide the new pedal over the old pedal


Be ready to fumble for 2-3 minutes while you jerk the rubber pedal on. Once it is fixed it stays and looks good.

Easy and nice modification.


Ebay link

Tesla Model X Topfit Dashcam

I decided to get a Dashcam to monitor the traffic situation in front of the car. Some things to note about this dashcam:

  1. It does not operate when the car is parked
  2. It fits perfectly into the car and does not require any extra wire-work
  3. The control app is simple.

This is probably the cheapest and nicest way to get a camera into your car if you do not require rear view capture or parking capture.

It comes in a really nice box

topfit dashcam box

Instruction manual in English with a mounting manual. The English is okay enough.

It is a bit bulky but looks okay. It has a proximity sensor that takes a picture if you swipe your hand under the camera. It also has a motion sensor that locks pictures and movies from being deleted i case of a crash. It has a microphone and a small speaker. It can capture audio from the cabin.


The camera fits nicely into place after you remove the old plastic cover in your TMX

The whole process is super easy and it looks good afterward.

There are two things that I would mention as a negative aspect.

  1. The controller app is really simple and does not offer a lot of functionality. It does not always show the content of the camera properly so you might have to restart or click on the app several times.
  2. There is a voice coming every time the camera initiates, “DVR RECORDING STARTED” this is super annoying and I messaged the seller. He gave me a recipe for fixing it but it require you to update the firmware on the camera. Extra work.

that aside, I this is a good buy.

Ebay link:

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