Here is a video of how long time it takes to unbox and setup a HP X360 ProBook G1 EE with Windows 10 Education and enroll it into Intune. You do not have to clean this device. It comes with a clean Win 10 Pro EDU image and is ready for the classroom.

If you have to clean the device using WICD/USB then Boot selection / Boot menu is the F9 key

HP ProBook X360 G1 Education Edition UEFI  / BIOS menu is the Esc key.


Here is a summary of the times:

  • Wipe drive and clean to OOBE – 21 mins 21 sec
  • OOBE to Windows – 4 mins 7 sec
  • Switch to a new user – 34 sec

Tech specs:

  • 4 Gig Ram
  • 128 Gig SSD
  • Intel Pentium 1,4 GHZ
  • Windows 10 Education 1607
  • Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD)

Here are the configurations in WICD:

settings clean

Here is the videos:

Clean install

Intune Enrollment

New user switch

 Other tests on EDU devices:

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