I constantly forget to close my garage door and find myself going outside to check if the door has been closed or not. I also want the feature to open my garage for packages that come to my door.

Solution is here:

http://gogogate.com from httphttps://portspesialisten.com/fjernkontroll/gogogate-mobil-fjernkontroll/

I ordered a kit to control 1 garage door. It was a bit confusing actually at Portspesialisten, they just asked me how many sensors I wanted and not what the sensors do. -You need one sensor for each garage door. You can not use the sensor on a regular door.

This is the kit that arrived to day:


I will later show how to setup the device and app to report the garage status and how to add other users to the app.

Lastly I will show how to connect it with my existing garage door opener.