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Connecting the Smart Garage door – Step 3

Connecting the garage door with right cable and can be tricky since there are no manual for your specific Garage door opener. Luckily at there is a garage compatibility lookup tool.

I simply entered my Hormann ProMatic 3 and I got a easy to understand wiring diagram



Lucky me. If I did not have this there is no way I would find this out by myself. This configurator should be showcased on the front page in my opinion.

The rest was easy, I simply put the cables in and there, done! used the adhesive pad to stick the sensor underneath the opener. Not very beautiful but, it is only a garage 🙂


Don’t forget that you need to place the door open/closed sensor on the garage door itself. IMPORTANT that you place the sensor on the middle of the door. Some doors tend to be tilted and the sensor might give off a wrong reading if it is on the top.


Setting up GoGoGate2 app – Step 2

Before you do any physical work with your garage door you need to configure the box, app and share it with the users in your house, here is how the box up:

Remember, you need an additional PC:

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Here is how you set up the app and connect it you the service.

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Here is how you add users, so everyone can open the garage door with their phone.

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The smart garage door – Step 1

I constantly forget to close my garage door and find myself going outside to check if the door has been closed or not. I also want the feature to open my garage for packages that come to my door.

Solution is here: from http

I ordered a kit to control 1 garage door. It was a bit confusing actually at Portspesialisten, they just asked me how many sensors I wanted and not what the sensors do. -You need one sensor for each garage door. You can not use the sensor on a regular door.

This is the kit that arrived to day:


I will later show how to setup the device and app to report the garage status and how to add other users to the app.

Lastly I will show how to connect it with my existing garage door opener.


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