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Home automation with Xiaomi Yeelight and Motion sensor.

Hi there. On one of my regular shopping sprees on I came across these really nice Xiaomi Yeelight Ceiling lights

They are really good looking and super easy to mount. They also have a powerful light with multiple white color temperatures.

I can not express enough how well made this product is. Even if you just want a plain ceiling lamp, get this one. There is a quick connector to remove the lamp unit. The power connector unit does not require any screws for power and there are plenty of holes to fasten it to the roof or a power-socket box using standard lamp screws.

Anyhow, I connected three of these lamps to two motion sensors and thought the Xiaomi Gateway I set up an automation.

“Once you enter the room, turn on the lights” 


“Once there is no motion within 2 minutes, turn off the lights”

Really simple, here is how it works:


Home Automation with Xiaomi Wall Switch and door sensor

Hi and welcome, here is how you can automate your ceiling lights to turn on/off when you open the door.

With this setup I have automated the following task:

“Open door, turn on lights”


“Close door, turn off lights”

The automation works because I switched out the lighting switch with a Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch that is connected to the Xiaomi gateway. I mainly do not use the switch so it works kinda like a relay.

Due note that the wall switch does NOT fit into the EU wall socket boxes. In order to make it fit I bought a ELKO DIMMER BOX / RISER and put it over the wall socket.

Works just fine, take a look below:



The smart garage door – Step 1

I constantly forget to close my garage door and find myself going outside to check if the door has been closed or not. I also want the feature to open my garage for packages that come to my door.

Solution is here: from http

I ordered a kit to control 1 garage door. It was a bit confusing actually at Portspesialisten, they just asked me how many sensors I wanted and not what the sensors do. -You need one sensor for each garage door. You can not use the sensor on a regular door.

This is the kit that arrived to day:


I will later show how to setup the device and app to report the garage status and how to add other users to the app.

Lastly I will show how to connect it with my existing garage door opener.


Smart Thermostat – Control your floor with your phone

I do not need to heat my floors when I am not home…

This thing is not smart enough to figure this out:


So I went to Billig VVS Webshop and got the DeviReg Smart Thermostat


It is super smart and I can control all of them using my phone to turn them on or off when on vacation or simply have them turn off during night and during work. It was super easy for me to set this up and I only needed to google one thing in order to set it up properly.

Video here:

Here is the mounting process

  1. Dismount the existing thermostat
  2. Note down the cable settings


  3. Screw it back on in the same way


  4. Google your existing thermostat to find out the Resistance of the sensor and heating output. Here is the information from my old sensor: devireg-528

    Once that is done, simply turn the power back on and start the setup


  6. Now I can do some really smart things with my thermostat, check this out

The Smartest Doorbell

I was listening to a podcast and they did a good ad from I just had to go online and look at it. And what do you know it was all that cool.

TIP: you can not have it charging when you set it up. then it will not work


It is a standalone one-way video two-way audio doorbell that lets you answer any ring or motion outside with voice. It also records the motion and rings for you to look at later.

Look at these videos:


The doorbell comes in a nice box with all the tools you need.

By mistake I got a US adapter on the CHIME unit


You do not have to plug it in to power as the built in battery will last a long time and you can charge it with a standard USB cable.


You do not need to buy extra chimes as one chime unit comes in the box, but here make sure that you specify an international package. I did not know that the orginal box came with a chime unit so I ordered that aswell.


Klimasensor for måling av utetemperatur

For å måle utetemperaturen har vi nå skaffet oss en klimasensor fra Verisure. Den gir beskjed direkte til appen hvor mange kuldegrader der er slik at man kan avpasse yttertøyet etter det. Klimasensoret tåler fra – 40 grader til + 60 grader og har IP54. Den skal derfor tåle å stå ute men ikke i direkte regn.


Man legger enkelt til ny komponent på Verisure sin nettside. Klikk på komponenter og på neste side trykker du i høyre hjørnet på pluss-tegnet der det står installer. Følg deretter de neste trinnene i guiden. Før sensoern festes skal den kobles mot systemet.


Klimasensoren festes på egnet sted ute eller inne. Det er vater inne i sensoren som gjør at man er sikker på at den er festet bent. WP_20160118_19_20_37_Pro

Hvis du fjerner sensoren fra festet vil det komme varsel om “sabotasje” på appen. Man får også varsel dersom temperaturen synker til under ønsket verdi. Du legger selv inn hvilken verdi du skal varsels ved.



Klimasensoren er plassert ved utegangspartiet, diskret helt øverst på stolpen.

Vi har også en sensor i garasjen. Den gir varsling om når temperaturen går under null grader, noe som indikerer at garasjeporten er åpen. Den måler også luftfuktighet.


Verisure Klimasensor i Garasjen

I sammenheng med kjøp av Yale Doorman og verisure styring så kjøpte jeg en klimasensor for garasjen.

Hvorfor garasjen?

  • Dersom temperaturen er lik ute temperaturen så står porten åpen
  • Passe på at det ikke blir fukt i garasjen da den ikke har ventilering

I appen så får jeg temperatur og fuktighet. Jeg vet at det er -10 grader ute så her er porten lukket.


Det står at jeg har et problem og det er fordi jeg ikke har skrudd sensoren på veggen enda. Da sier den i fra. Den sier også ifra hvis noen fjernersensoren fra veggen.



Vi er veldig fornøyd med klimasensoren, så fornøyd at vi kjøpte en til. Den tenker vi å plassere rett utenfor døren i taket så vi kan se temperaturen rett utenfor døren.





What every bathroom should have!

This is probably one of the smartes things you could do to any bathroom or toilet you have.

occupied from the outside

Put a door lock on it! It is super easy and gives you and all your guest the comfort and privacy they could want.

Tools you need:

  • A philips head screw driver
  • Mabye a Torx screw driver
  • Mabye a Cutting Plier
  • Siccors to open the plastic box

Tip: To avoid having to cut your screws the right lenght just use the old screws that came with the lock

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