In Azure AD you have this service called Cloud App Discover. It consist of an agent you install on a local machine and a web service which polls the data and visualizes it.

Take a look at this:

azure ad knows
Azure Cloud App Discovery Report

This service is a great way to discover what your employees/users/students/family really uses and how much they use it. e.g. You have bought Google apps, but your users use OneDrive or Box.

You can read more here:

I did not know I even used all these services. And best of all you can manage them with Azure AD which means you can use your Office 365 credentials to logon to these services.

Here are the aggregated results for all agents and all users. Click on the numbers to access the data.


Here is how you set up cloud discovery on a local machine:

Click Settings
manage agent
Click Manage Agent
download agent
Click “Download”
local files
You get a ZIP package with a CERT file. Click the MSI file.

Remember that if you want to distribute this application you need to include the CERT file as well.