First step once you have ordered internet is going keyless. A smart home does not have keys. For that matter I do not like to have cards or RFID chips either as you have to bring them on you.

Yale Doorman with Verisure connection allows for me to open the door remotely or with a pin. Preferably I would also have biometrics, but Verisure or Yale did not have that and only the Verisure and Yale combo gave me remote access, and a cloud portal to manage the door lock and other Verisure Devices.

The management of:

  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • alarms
  • electrical outlets

fHaving this far outweighted the need of having a standalone lock with biometrics.

yale doorman verisure

I got the lock and verisure chip from ShopLink for only 3649,- NOK. A fair price.

Mounting the lock and using the cloud connection to Verisure will follow later.