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Home automation with Xiaomi Yeelight and Motion sensor.

Hi there. On one of my regular shopping sprees on I came across these really nice Xiaomi Yeelight Ceiling lights

They are really good looking and super easy to mount. They also have a powerful light with multiple white color temperatures.

I can not express enough how well made this product is. Even if you just want a plain ceiling lamp, get this one. There is a quick connector to remove the lamp unit. The power connector unit does not require any screws for power and there are plenty of holes to fasten it to the roof or a power-socket box using standard lamp screws.

Anyhow, I connected three of these lamps to two motion sensors and thought the Xiaomi Gateway I set up an automation.

“Once you enter the room, turn on the lights” 


“Once there is no motion within 2 minutes, turn off the lights”

Really simple, here is how it works:


Really Smart AC & Heatpump control

So, I just made my AC (Toshiba Daiseikai) really smart!

AirPatrol AC WiFi remote with IR sensor. No need to change anything at all.

Here is the only thing you need:

It was super easy and now I can control my AC and heatpump from away and set it to a schedule that will lower the heat during hours of sleep or when we are not at home.

Here is my normal schedule.

  • 22.30-06.00 Night 17 Degrees (save mode)
  • 06.00-08.00 Morning 22 degrees (heat mode)
  • 08.00-15.00 work day (save mode)
  • 15.00-22.30 at home (heat mode)

You can override it at any time with the app.


  • It needs power, hence you need to set it up close to an outlet. Its not a standard 220V socket, instad it uses a “cellphone” charger. so cabling can be an issue.
  • It uses IR with your AC unit, so it needs to be in line of sight of the unit.


Connecting the Smart Garage door – Step 3

Connecting the garage door with right cable and can be tricky since there are no manual for your specific Garage door opener. Luckily at there is a garage compatibility lookup tool.

I simply entered my Hormann ProMatic 3 and I got a easy to understand wiring diagram



Lucky me. If I did not have this there is no way I would find this out by myself. This configurator should be showcased on the front page in my opinion.

The rest was easy, I simply put the cables in and there, done! used the adhesive pad to stick the sensor underneath the opener. Not very beautiful but, it is only a garage 🙂


Don’t forget that you need to place the door open/closed sensor on the garage door itself. IMPORTANT that you place the sensor on the middle of the door. Some doors tend to be tilted and the sensor might give off a wrong reading if it is on the top.


Setting up GoGoGate2 app – Step 2

Before you do any physical work with your garage door you need to configure the box, app and share it with the users in your house, here is how the box up:

Remember, you need an additional PC:

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Here is how you set up the app and connect it you the service.

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Here is how you add users, so everyone can open the garage door with their phone.

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Smart Thermostat – Control your floor with your phone

I do not need to heat my floors when I am not home…

This thing is not smart enough to figure this out:


So I went to Billig VVS Webshop and got the DeviReg Smart Thermostat


It is super smart and I can control all of them using my phone to turn them on or off when on vacation or simply have them turn off during night and during work. It was super easy for me to set this up and I only needed to google one thing in order to set it up properly.

Video here:

Here is the mounting process

  1. Dismount the existing thermostat
  2. Note down the cable settings


  3. Screw it back on in the same way


  4. Google your existing thermostat to find out the Resistance of the sensor and heating output. Here is the information from my old sensor: devireg-528

    Once that is done, simply turn the power back on and start the setup


  6. Now I can do some really smart things with my thermostat, check this out

The Smartest Doorbell

I was listening to a podcast and they did a good ad from I just had to go online and look at it. And what do you know it was all that cool.

TIP: you can not have it charging when you set it up. then it will not work


It is a standalone one-way video two-way audio doorbell that lets you answer any ring or motion outside with voice. It also records the motion and rings for you to look at later.

Look at these videos:


The doorbell comes in a nice box with all the tools you need.

By mistake I got a US adapter on the CHIME unit


You do not have to plug it in to power as the built in battery will last a long time and you can charge it with a standard USB cable.


You do not need to buy extra chimes as one chime unit comes in the box, but here make sure that you specify an international package. I did not know that the orginal box came with a chime unit so I ordered that aswell.


Verisure Klimasensor i Garasjen

I sammenheng med kjøp av Yale Doorman og verisure styring så kjøpte jeg en klimasensor for garasjen.

Hvorfor garasjen?

  • Dersom temperaturen er lik ute temperaturen så står porten åpen
  • Passe på at det ikke blir fukt i garasjen da den ikke har ventilering

I appen så får jeg temperatur og fuktighet. Jeg vet at det er -10 grader ute så her er porten lukket.


Det står at jeg har et problem og det er fordi jeg ikke har skrudd sensoren på veggen enda. Da sier den i fra. Den sier også ifra hvis noen fjernersensoren fra veggen.



Vi er veldig fornøyd med klimasensoren, så fornøyd at vi kjøpte en til. Den tenker vi å plassere rett utenfor døren i taket så vi kan se temperaturen rett utenfor døren.





What every bathroom should have!

This is probably one of the smartes things you could do to any bathroom or toilet you have.

occupied from the outside

Put a door lock on it! It is super easy and gives you and all your guest the comfort and privacy they could want.

Tools you need:

  • A philips head screw driver
  • Mabye a Torx screw driver
  • Mabye a Cutting Plier
  • Siccors to open the plastic box

Tip: To avoid having to cut your screws the right lenght just use the old screws that came with the lock

Yale Doorman assembly for a smarter door WITH VIDEO!

It can be very hard to mount the Yale Doorman, despite what the videos and commercials says.

Before you start/buy make sure you have equipment to handle these two problems:

  1. Removal of different screws – Drill bits for philips head and torx
  2. Trimming of door edges – Hammer and chisle / Carver
  3. Cutting metal screws – Cutting pliers
The only tools you need:
  • Electric Screwdriver with torx / Philips head
  • Manual screwdriver (Philips head)
  • Hammer
  • Chisle
  • Cutting pliers

YOU NEED TIME. Do not start this if you can not spare 2 hours atleast. As you are unscrewing the door lock there is no way to leave and lock the door.

finished inside yale doorman

Step 1. Open the box and put everything on the floor. Some of the screws you do not need to use.

box content

Step 2. Remove the lock and strike from the door. At this point there is no way back.

Step 3. Set on the lockbox which way the door opens. read the manual

Then start to fit the lock and drill protector into your door. Mind that you thred the cable lightly. If there are space constraints you can skip the drill protector but its not reccomended as it messes with your security. However if I was a burgular I would get in either way by other easier means.

lock box and drill protection

Step 4. Fit the strike. Here I ran into the first problem. You might have to adjust the strike some millimeters outwards in order to get a perfect fit. I had to ofset the strike about 1-2mm in order for the door to close and lock automatically.

Step 5. Decide which way the door opens on the Yale Doorman and fastend the screws on the yale doorman door hinge.

Step 6. Set your Yale Doorman to ADVANCED if you are using Verisure or integration. In easy mode integration will not work.

Step 7. Fit the outiside panel and thred the cable. Here I ran into the second major problem. The outside panel did not fit in the top hole. The hole was ofset a bit north by 2-4mm. Here I had to use a hammer and chisle to carve out the circle more oval. You make cosmetic damages to the door but it is not visible behind the doorman.

Step 8. (This step was the hardest) Place the inside panel and cut + fit the screws that hold the doorman in place. This was for me extremly hard to do as you need to cut the right lenght, test it and then unscrew and cut some more. it is very hard to hold the lock and thred the screw at the same time. I suggest that you use a helper at this point. Also do not cut to much as you are not given any extra screws. You can feel when the screw has been inserted fully and it is very visible when it too long.

Step 9. Place the Yale Dorman inside lock onto the frame and make sure the lock is in Advanced mode. Just push it in place and fasten it with 4 screws.

Step 10. Fit the integration module and put in batteries.


not a perfect fit
Not a perfect fit though.



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