Looking for a place to discover kitesurfing in peace and safety! I can highly reccomed this “secret” spot on the island of Rossö right utside of Strømstad in Sweden. Directions: Facebook site

Why Rossö, well it has three important things:

  1. Wind:
    The wind Direction is very predictable and blows toward land, the wind is so constant toward land so that all the trees are bendt inland in the same direction.
Observe the tilted trees and the beer.

2. Shallow bay
For starters there is a shallow bay (to the left in the picture) that when high tide you can walk around an its perfect for learning. My friends and I have removed most of the loose rocks here.

3. Advanced area:
If the wind is strong, which it usually is any experienced kite surfer can surf up and down the shore with the wind constantly pushing you inland. Its safe and fun

Pro kiting up and down the shore.

It is very easy to enter and exit the water.

There is also a campground and plenty of space for tents and kiter’s. PS: don’t drive as far up as we did. It destroys the beach area. There is a nice parking spot with a short walk close by.

We  were a mix of beginners and pro’s so its room for both kind. Bring some beer and make a camp fire. It can be hard to find firewood so think about bringing some wood.