If it is the first time you buy licenses on a Volume agreement from Microsoft you have to Sign that agreement. Luckily you can do that digitally. That service is called eAgreements.

NOTE: Despite that you are buying the licensens from your partner and he might have “support” for you this is still something that you have to do and should do yourself. Because the agreement is direct between you and Microsoft. The partner can do it but he would have to impersonate you.

Step 1. You get an email (if you dont, contact the partner. But 99% of the time you have gotten the email and it is either in spam or you have deleted/lost it)

Subject: Handling påkrevd: Microsoft-lisensavtalen er klar for elektronisk signering{~00000000:1~}

Looks like this:email

Step 2: Click the link and log in with a Microsoft Account (Live ID)
Please note here: Do not use your personal live ID, create one for your organization and save it somewhere everyone can access it.

Step 3: Scroll down and Check: “I Confirm” and check the box “I hereby confim…”
Insert your name EXACTLY as it says to the right of the box
Insert your Job title
Click Submit


Thats it, you have signed.


Next step is to log in to VLSC and activate your licenses.