Thinking about the new Surface Pro 4? Cool. It’s a very well built device with a even better pen!

However these are some things you might want to think about before you buy.

  1. The Surface Pro 4 will fit in the old Surface Pro 3 dock, but not 100% More like 90%. It will charge but it sits wrong, a bit tilted to one side due to its thinner design.
    • EDIT: There is a free adapter which you can order from Microsoft to fix this. Get it here
  2. The Surface Pro 3 Keyboard fits the new SP4 but not 100% more like 90% as the new SP4 has a smaller bezel the keyboard overlaps the screen area. The magnet also will not clip on as tight.
    Magnet not 100% on

    Keyboard overlapping
  3. pdates, then updates, and some more updates. When you Buy a SP4 you have to update the device for at least 1-2 hours before its “done”
  4. Windows Hello, is not supported out of the Box and you need to run that 1-2 hours of update and then update again to receive the necessary firmware update for Windows Hello to work.
  5. Screen bleeding, the screen is not perfect black. There are some edge bleeding.

    Some minor bleeding of the light on the bottom
But you know what. Despite all this, the device is awsome and I love Windows Hello!
I just sit down in front of the camera and “whosh” it logs me in, every time!
I would recommend this device to all my family members and my business associates!