The new Windows 8 is out.

Two ways of installing it on your PC.

Method 1 – ISO (used here):

Download the *.ISO file and use the Windows Store USB deployment tool.

Links here:
USB tool:
Microsoft Windows Store ISO to bootable USB tool
Windows 8 Beta ISO Direct Download

Method 2 – Migration install

Download the file:
Windows 8 Beta Migration Installer

WRITE DOWN THE WINDOWS KEY, you will need it during install.
you find it on the ISO download link above

I have three computers – I set them to boot from USB

Tablet PC – Toshiba Tecra M4 (6 year old)

Toshiba Tecra M4
Desktop Computer – Intel PC (4 year old)

My traditional PC at home
Slate PC -Dell Duo (1 year old)

Betafish on Dell Inspiron Duo

Here is the generic install process which is similar on all three of my machines

Select correct region and language. Same as in Windows 7
Same as in Windows 7, select partition
Installing windows is faster than ever
Select the PC name here and which color. I reccomed black if you install on a slate or tablet, it makes the screen seem bigger.
This is where you enter your user name. Just put something in, because you can later log in with your Windows Live ID and use that as user name.
start screen with tiles

The old desktop version is still here