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Upgrading and joining a domain with Acer Switch 10

If you want to Access Corporate materials With your Acer Switch running Windows 8 With Bing you need to Upgrade the Operating System.

windows 8.1 with bing
Windows 8.1 With Bing

Before you start:

1. You need a 32 bit image of Windows Pro. (I used Windows 8.1. Multiple editions from MSDN)
2. A valid Windows MAK Key
3. Fully charged Device

Boot Windows, Insert the USB Key into any port, in file Explorer run Setup.exe. then Follow the Instructions Below:

run setup exe
Click Setup
Windows Will Prepare
product key
Enter Key
add features
Click “Legg til Funksjoner”
get started
Because of the Version, enter key again
click next
then click next
Accept and next
working with features
let Windows work
upgrading windows
Windows will reboot and work more
upgraded windows
Running Pro, this text will dissappear once you Connect to the web and activate
running windows 8.1 pro
Done upgrading



Alternative to Chromecast for Windows PC, Phone, Tablet and Android

Screenbeam Miracast alternative to Chromecast

This is a hands on test of the Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini

Product Link:

If you are looking for a way to wirelessly transfer the content of Your screen to “the big screen” there are 3 popular ways to do it.

  1. Apple TV
  2. Chromecast
  3. Miracast

Of the 3 Technologies above, Miracast is probably the dumbest Technology. Miracast is only a Wireless HDMI/VGA cable. It does what the HDMI/VGA cable is supposed to, transmit sound and image. If you compare it to Apple TV or Chromecast the Miracast will disapoint you since you MUST Connect it to a computer for it to do anything at all.

The Box

The Box feature all you need, the adapter itself can take Power from USB on the tv or from the wall socket.


Connecting the unit

There is also a HDMI extension cable if the dongle does not fit into the TV directly.
Here is a tip: Leave the metal band on the USB cable to avoid cable clutter!

A note on Power.

The unit require a larger powersupply like HDD’s so if Your TV has a HDD usb port it will supply the right amount of Power, plug it into any other port and it may start to reboot constantly. You may also Connect it to the wall socket.


Connect it to Windows 8

It’s fairly easy to Connect it using a Windows tablet, here on a Dell Venue Pro 8

Personal touch on during connection

Mirrored 8" Dell Venue Pro 8

Connect it to Windows Phone

Fairly easy aswell. Go to Settings->Project my screen->Click Your adapter.

Wireless phone screen

Portrait on phone

An other tip: Rotate the phone to landscape in order to watch a Movie from Youtube or to present a PowerPoint presentation.

Landscape on phone

Microsoft Recently Launched its own Miracast Dongle:
Product Link:

Changing Sample Data in Split Page App

—I do not know how to Write Code—

Then let me Present Fugleboka:

Split Page app for WIndows 8
Split Page app for Windows 8

Split Page app works well when you have Several Groups (Bird Categories) and Birds (Category-Items)
Check it out here:
CREDS to @digitaldias for helping out with the code which enables sound



This is how you create Your Split Page app by just replacing code.

1. Run Visual Studio – New Project
2. Select C# (does not really matter, you will not write code anyhow)
3. Give your app a name
4. Click Ok

Now you have actually created all that is needed for the app in terms of code. If you press run, the app will start. Remember, never mess with app name or solution name. Give it one name and stick with it.

Following need to be replaced:
Group Pictures (Bird category) USE BING
Item Pictures (Birds) – USE BING
Information about the bird – USE BING
Capabilities and Language – JUST FOLLOW MY GUIDE

Navigate to the SampleDataSource.cs and find this code in your sample app, about line 262
Find this text and start to replace it:
Like this:
Run the project to see your results:
Include a picture in the asset folder by dragging and dropping a picture from a folder on your computer to the “Asset” folder in the Solution Explorer

Then refer to that picture in the code like this:
image (remember to check if its a .jpg or .png)

Go about the same way for individual items.
find this code:
Create your first bird, e.g. Vampirebat (always use one word, no spaces or special characters)
Notice here that I have changed ITEM_CONTENT to VAMPIREBAT this word now refers to a string a little further up. It is in this string that you write in depth information about the Vampire Bat. As is now, the code will not run. Find this string now:
Now, add the similar string VAMPIREBAT do not remove the ITEM_CONTENT since all the “empty templates” require this string.
image (Run code and click on bats)

Notice the repetition,
Further above in the VAMPIREBAT string you see a lot of \n
\n = breaks the line
\n\n = a new line and a space between
{0} = means the content of the first line

Find a website with info, e.g., copy a paragraph and paste it here:
Find an other paragraph and adjust the string as in the picture, then run the code.

image (Notice that the “About vampire bat” text overlaps the sentence of fact 1.)
This can all be fixed with adding some extra \n like this:
image (Notice also how i have entered static information into the string)
NOW, see the pattern? Start Coding and replace all the categories and content.


Find a Picture for your app, preferably a white background With a logo in the center and best to use a square picture.
If you want to change the app logo when you start the app go to Assets in Solution Explorer and find the files there. Notice you want to change the colors and content off all these files by opening in Paint and copy pasting from Bing. WARNING: DO NOT CHANGE SIZE, keep the file size to the same e.g. 30×30 or 50×50. If you mess that up, the app wont run.
image (notice that submission in the store require you to change all but LightGray & DarkGray)

Before you can submit your app, there are two things to make sure you have entered correctly.

Find this in your solution explorer:
Under language make sure it reflect language you write information in or your app will not pass certification

image (No-nb for Norwegian apps)

Select Capabilities and UNCHECK everything or your app will not pass certification


2 other apps created this way:

Manage Windows RT with Windows Intune

This was even easier.

Once you have enabled Windows Intune for Mobile Device Management its easy.

Step 1:

Connect your Windows RT Device to Windows Intune by clicking Start -> Type Company Apps -> Click Settings – > Enter your User Name and Password

Step 2:

Download the Company Portal App from Market Place. Once installed, start it and click “Enroll this device”


To distribute apps you need a sideloading key.

See this blog for sideloading

And/or this technet article for reference

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts as a Background

Hi there.

Here at Microsoft Norway we created 3 background Pictures for those of you who want to remember the different keyboard shortcuts and what the various elements on the destktop does.

This reflects the Modern UI.

Check out the Pictures below.

Windows 8 shortcuts in 1280x800
Windows 8 shortcuts in 1280×800
Windows 8 shortcuts
Windows 8 shortcuts in 1680×1050
Windows 8 shortcuts 1920x1080 (full HD)
Windows 8 sthortcuts in 1080p

Coding Without Code – Sketching the app

All is installed.

1. Visual Studio – Check
2. Blend – Check
3. Win8 SDK – check

Two ways to start now:
1. Get a blank pice of paper and Write some concepts
2. Just start to write

I am going With the first, Discussing With my colleague. Below is the result:
(I cant Draw :/ )

Sketching the app to make it easier for me

Coding without Code – Windows 8 App

Windows 8 is about, time to start developing my first Win8 App!
Lets just sum it up here:
1. I dont understand code
2. I understand copy/paste
3. I have a tiny understanding of HTML

So, how do you make a Windows 8 App without being a CODE NINJA?
Lets start:
1. You need Expression Blend (this is where I will make all Objects and stuff)
2. You need Visual Studio (This is becasue most examples use code and its easiest to copy paste in VS)
3. You need Win8 SDK With some cool templates
find the SDK here:

If you want to read stuff (eww) before you start, og here:
It will explain you guidelines and design principles.

Your tools look like this:

World Record at The Gathering 2012

world record at the Gathering

Backed up by Microsoft, the participants created the world largest test environment for Windows 8 Server. Over 500 virtual private servers (VPS) were created during the last 36 hours.

Follow the whole story here:


About us:
Petri Wilhelmsen – –
Håvard Haukeberg – 


Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Tablet, Slate and PC – Clean Install (ISO)

The new Windows 8 is out.

Two ways of installing it on your PC.

Method 1 – ISO (used here):

Download the *.ISO file and use the Windows Store USB deployment tool.

Links here:
USB tool:
Microsoft Windows Store ISO to bootable USB tool
Windows 8 Beta ISO Direct Download

Method 2 – Migration install

Download the file:
Windows 8 Beta Migration Installer

WRITE DOWN THE WINDOWS KEY, you will need it during install.
you find it on the ISO download link above

I have three computers – I set them to boot from USB

Tablet PC – Toshiba Tecra M4 (6 year old)

Toshiba Tecra M4
Desktop Computer – Intel PC (4 year old)

My traditional PC at home
Slate PC -Dell Duo (1 year old)

Betafish on Dell Inspiron Duo

Here is the generic install process which is similar on all three of my machines

Select correct region and language. Same as in Windows 7
Same as in Windows 7, select partition
Installing windows is faster than ever
Select the PC name here and which color. I reccomed black if you install on a slate or tablet, it makes the screen seem bigger.
This is where you enter your user name. Just put something in, because you can later log in with your Windows Live ID and use that as user name.
start screen with tiles

The old desktop version is still here

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