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Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Tablet, Slate and PC – Clean Install (ISO)

The new Windows 8 is out.

Two ways of installing it on your PC.

Method 1 – ISO (used here):

Download the *.ISO file and use the Windows Store USB deployment tool.

Links here:
USB tool:
Microsoft Windows Store ISO to bootable USB tool
Windows 8 Beta ISO Direct Download

Method 2 – Migration install

Download the file:
Windows 8 Beta Migration Installer

WRITE DOWN THE WINDOWS KEY, you will need it during install.
you find it on the ISO download link above

I have three computers – I set them to boot from USB

Tablet PC – Toshiba Tecra M4 (6 year old)

Toshiba Tecra M4
Desktop Computer – Intel PC (4 year old)

My traditional PC at home
Slate PC -Dell Duo (1 year old)

Betafish on Dell Inspiron Duo

Here is the generic install process which is similar on all three of my machines

Select correct region and language. Same as in Windows 7
Same as in Windows 7, select partition
Installing windows is faster than ever
Select the PC name here and which color. I reccomed black if you install on a slate or tablet, it makes the screen seem bigger.
This is where you enter your user name. Just put something in, because you can later log in with your Windows Live ID and use that as user name.
start screen with tiles

The old desktop version is still here

Windows 8 – Windows Update and drivers

When you first install Windows 8 be ready to spend some time to find your usual tools.

First problem for many is to find windows update and get the drives for things like your graphics card, network and other essential drivers.

Lots of drivers missing for my laptop

This is how you fix it:

Navigate to desktop and click on the folder button
you find access to the control panel by clicking on computer
you find control panel button on the ribbon
Search for "update" and find windows update
If you dont see any updates, click "check for updates"
these are the drivers that are avaliable for my system

Coding Without Code for Windows Phone 7 – Using Phone Browser (WebBrowserTask)

The art of making a  Windows Phone App with little or no coding at all.

Code sample
Step 1 – Find the object you want to click on. You find this object in the “Objects and Timeline”
Step 2 – Select the Item and click the “Event button”
Step 3 – Create touch tap event
Step 4 – Copy/Pasta code

How to navigate from your app into a website using your phone browser.
Here is a picture of what happens in my app:

Step 1 inside the app

uri navigation
Step 2 in the click goes to a website

Mainpage.xaml og mainpage.cs you find here in Expression blend

So, what is going on.

First, for all pro coders here is the what I did:
-dont panic, its just copy pasta, I promise that it is easy

In the mainpage.XAML file:
StackPanel x:Name=”mms” MouseLeftButtonUp=”mms_click”
The StackPanel contains 4 elements, a picture and three text boxes, so when i click on it with it starts an event which i called “mms_click” you can call it anything (e.g. awsomeclickbuttonlol), but remember it for the next step

in the mainpage.xaml.cs file:
private void mms_click(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventArgs e)

WebBrowserTask wb = new WebBrowserTask();
wb.Uri = new Uri(”, UriKind.Absolute);


Ok, breathe…
this is how you do it,
Step 1 – Find the object you want to click on. You find this object in the “Objects and Timeline”

This is a list over all forms, figures, textblocks and pictures which you may can click on

Step 2 – Select the Item and click the “Event button”
Now, there are some options where you have to think logically for a moment.
1. Do I want to launch the browser as soon as I tap the box or do I want it to launch?
2. If you choose MouseLeftButtonDown it will start as soon as you put your finger on it, so if you scroll or just rest your finger accidentally it will launch
3. if you choose MouseLeftButtonUp you may rest your finger on the object and even scroll. it will only launch if you tap the object. this is my reccomended option

you find the event button here

you only use MouseLeftButtonDown or MouseLeftButtonDown – so easy!!!

Step 3 – Create touch tap event
Use your prefered name for the event, but remember you can only use this name once. This name will then execute only one designated action.

You may choose between two different types of Clicks, I reccomend MouseLeftButtonUp

Now, dont panic because this will happen automatically after you enter a name.
the file mainpage.cs.xaml will open and display…. CODE…
DO NOT PANIC – its only copy/paste from this aricle that is needed.

Step 4 – Copy/Pasta code
Now you see the green line, replace this line with the code supplied above and just change the url to what you want the target to be.

This code window will open automatically once you entered a name for the event
Relax and just copy pasta these three lines over the green one, no code needed

1. Save the Project
2. Click Project – Build
3. Click Project – Run

The emulator will open and once its open your app starts loading. Once loaded try clicking on the Object you just created a click event on.

I made this entire object clickable

For more code help, use interwebs and copy pasta.
I used this guy for reference, but did not understand anything untill the two code examples in the end. I did some modification on the code to make it easier in my example.

Windows Intune – Kontakt en ekspert fra nettsiden

Da har det blitt lagt til en Direkte Chat system på Windows Intune nettsiden.

Der kan du kontakte en Produktekspert i tidsrommet fra 08:00 til 16:30
Tjenesten er åpen for alle.

Kontakt en Produktekspert

Coding Without Code for Windows Phone 7

Learn to Love Blend
i ❤ Blend

Windows Phone 7
Create something!

The art of making a  Windows Phone App with little or no coding at all.

Welcome to this tutorial for those of you that just want to create something fast and easy.
If you have used PowerPoint or shapes/figures in Word, then you are set for this tutorial

Step 1 – Get the tools and Register

Windows Phone SDK, Expression Blend og Visual Studio.

You have to create an account for Marketplace in order to release your app. The price in Norway is 819NOK.
This process takes some time and require a credit card. Once completed the account validation takes some time aswell.
Start this before you code so there is no snag when you want to release your app

Please note. You must have Expression Blend, without Blend it will be very hard to code without code.
Read more about Expression Blend here:

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Multitenant Pack for Partner Hosting Deployment Guide

Lync Tastatur snarveier
Lync 2010 Multitenant

Endelig er den her!

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Multitenant pack for Partner Hosting.
Dette er en utvidelse av Lync server 2010 som er designet med tanke på system integratorer eller driftspartnere som vil spesialiser sin Lync 2010 løsning for et ASP-miljø.

Dette er en guide som beskriver deployment og grunnleggende arkitektur.

Multitenant Exchange Server 2010 SP2 for Hosting

Hosting + Microsoft

Strategiforanding i Exchange teamet om /hosting har tilgjengligjort et behov for å få en god delt Exchange løsning som passer med multitenant perspektivet til driftsleverandører.

I Exchange SP2 så har teamet lasert whitepapers og guider for å hjelpe ASP-leverandører med å bygge en multitenant cloud løsning og foreslå løsninger på problemer som oppstår når man drifter i delt miljø.

Multi-Tenancy and Hosting Guidance for Exchange Server 2010 SP2

Exchange Server 2010 SP2 and Support for Hosting Exchange

Exchange Server 2010 Hosting and Multi-Tenancy Solutions and Guidance
Inkluderer en liste over kontrollpanel leverandører med godkjente løsninger

BLOG: Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 and Hosting
Rydder opp i support policies rundt hosting scenarioer

Microsoft Lync tastatur snarveier

Lync Tastatur snarveier
You can use these shortcuts when any window is open:

Windows logo key+A Accepts an incoming invitation
Windows logo key+X Decline an invitation and change status to Do Not Disturb (my favourite)
Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar Take back control when sharing your screen
Ctrl+Shift+S Stop sharing your screen


Lync Main Window
You can use these when the Lync main window is in the foreground:

Ctrl+1 Go to the Contact list tab
Ctrl+2 Go to the Activity Feeds tab
Ctrl+3 Go to the Conversation list tab
Ctrl+4 Go to the Phone tab
Alt+A View all conversations when in the Conversation list tab
Alt+D View missed calls when in Conversation list tab
Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+Shift+1 As a delegate, transfer a call to another person’s work number

Conversation Window
You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while in the Conversation window:

Alt+l Invite a contact to an existing conversation
Alt+F4 Close the conversation window
Alt+D Decline a file that has been sent
Alt+P Open a file that has been received
Ctrl+R Show or hide the participate list

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