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Tesla Model X pedals replacement

You may replace the break and accelerator pedal plus the foot rest. The process is really simple.


The break pedal, simply remove the old rubber pedal


On the accelerator pedal you just slide the new pedal over the old pedal


Be ready to fumble for 2-3 minutes while you jerk the rubber pedal on. Once it is fixed it stays and looks good.

Easy and nice modification.


Ebay link

Tesla Model X Topfit Dashcam

I decided to get a Dashcam to monitor the traffic situation in front of the car. Some things to note about this dashcam:

  1. It does not operate when the car is parked
  2. It fits perfectly into the car and does not require any extra wire-work
  3. The control app is simple.

This is probably the cheapest and nicest way to get a camera into your car if you do not require rear view capture or parking capture.

It comes in a really nice box

topfit dashcam box

Instruction manual in English with a mounting manual. The English is okay enough.

It is a bit bulky but looks okay. It has a proximity sensor that takes a picture if you swipe your hand under the camera. It also has a motion sensor that locks pictures and movies from being deleted i case of a crash. It has a microphone and a small speaker. It can capture audio from the cabin.


The camera fits nicely into place after you remove the old plastic cover in your TMX

The whole process is super easy and it looks good afterward.

There are two things that I would mention as a negative aspect.

  1. The controller app is really simple and does not offer a lot of functionality. It does not always show the content of the camera properly so you might have to restart or click on the app several times.
  2. There is a voice coming every time the camera initiates, “DVR RECORDING STARTED” this is super annoying and I messaged the seller. He gave me a recipe for fixing it but it require you to update the firmware on the camera. Extra work.

that aside, I this is a good buy.

Ebay link:

Paint roller/runner pro, what the ads don’t tell you

I was browsing Facebook and saw this ad for a cool no-spill, no-drip and easy to use paint brush. Of course I had to order it.

Here are some pro’s and con’s using the paint roller on a even painted surface:

It does not drip or spill when you are not using it or just holding it, great. Just fill it up and it holds all the paint.


Just be aware that it does require a great deal of paint in order to get soaked and apply the paint evenly. Well, evenly is a stretch the pain is not applied evenly because of the joint where the paint roller cloth is stitched together. Look at this:

You can clearly see the point of the roller where the seam is on the cloth. It also takes several rolls before the roller is soaked and even after it is soaked it does not apply perfectly and tend to slide rather than roll.

After applying several strokes it gets more even. Be prepared to have a lot of paint as the roller soaks a lot.


And it DOES SPILL. Observe the small paint droplets that come after rolling up and down. So it is not spill free.

My opinion: If I had a lot of paint and a large surface plus the roller had been a bit better quality with seamless stitching this would be a great tool. The only real problem is the stitching which can create uneven marks on the wall. It also takes a bit more time to clean after use.

I do recommend using a better quality roller with no stitching if you can find one.

Eve sleep linnen sheets

Wow, what cool sheets. Color and everything.


I got this nice package with the linnen sheet as a replacement for the cotton sheets that ripped during wash. I have not yet washed these sheets but they look way more durable. Both the linnen and cotton sheet comes in a really nice box.

The seam is much tighter together making the edge stronger


the buttons have two loops and make them twice as strong and durable.


The button and hole are perfectly sized this time making it really fast and easy to close the sheets.


The opening has extra stitching back and forth making it more rip proof.


These sheets are in every respect better than the cotton counterpart reviewed here. However I do prefer the feel of cotton rather than the rough feel of linnen. The linnen fabric also make the sheets feel warmer. Perfect for a winter comforter but could feel warm during summer. It is turning fall here now so I am a bit in between on the comfort zone.

Eve sleep sheets replacement mixups

Earlier I bought a set of sheets from Eve sleep. The quality was so bad that the sheets ripped in the first wash, check out the review here.

They were going to give me a replacement. Or so they said.

That was 12th of July. I just got my sheets last week end of September.

bed linen order

Now, please note that they did not reimburse the sheets. They just issued a new type of linnen sheets. These are completly different. While the orginal sheets are smooth to the touch, these are warmer and rougher. Cotton vs Linnen.


I did not hear back from them in a Month.

bedlinnen return 2 eve sleep

Month later, it is finally on the way.

bed linen return

The linnen sheets are better quality but they are also way different feel. I actually prefer cotton. Oh well…

EVE Sleep, the return, the nightmare

So this whole mattress thing was just a utter nightmare. I got Inkasso claims and UPS held me personally responsible for the lack proper paperwork. Some people might have just paid extra to make it go away.

So, what happened?

ups reply to tax

But Eve sleep do charge VAT (MOMS), so is this my problem. Short answer is: YES, YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE that Eve fills out the correct forms and pay.

moms på eve sleep

As Eve Sleep did not have their papers in order with UPS during my 100 day trial, where I was supposed to enjoy the bed, extra bills started to arrive. Keep in mind that everything is paid for during orginal purchase “with VAT” but UPS wants ME to fix this and holds me personally responsible for EVE sleep’s lack of filling out forms.

angry at ups and eve

Now Kudos to Eve Sleep customer support team. Really amazing people and they helped me. Without them I would have a huge problem getting this to go away since I am personally responsible for paying tax

Eve sleep wants to fix it

Wonder if more Norwegians have had this Issue? Please note that EVE paid for this directly to UPS and they dropped their claim. But it took weeks of back and forth mailings.

Finally Bring arrived to pick up the mattress, they came almost two weeks later that our agreed pickup date, but at least they came at all.

eve sleep return form Bring

I got the refund to my account and everything with the mattress has been settled. I did not have to keep the box or any plastics, they just took the mattress and left.

It was not hassle free for me and the mattress was not any good for my back. I ended up buying a Jensen Majestic at a way higher price but also way softer and I pick it up myself so NO MORE UPS.

Our doors are quiet now – thanks North Korea!

So we have bought a new house and the inner doors are real poor quality. The brand is Dorma.

Dorma låsehus
Dorma lockbox

The noise when opening the door is just horrible. Listen to this:

So I went to Jula and bought new lockboxes for only 99 NOK. Really cheap and really quiet.

The brand Hard Head is produced in “Peoples Republic of Korea” for Jula. So thanks North Korea! You just made sneaking away when I wake up a bit easier!

In norwegian for some reason:

Du kan også feste en list langs karmen for å dempe støy når du åpner og lukker døren. Fåes kjøpt på rull hos Jula. Husk å kjøp den tynneste. Du må også justere på motstykke til døren.

Karmlist for støydemping
For å dempe støy og lukkestøy har jeg satt på en karmlist også fra Jula

EVE sleep sheets – low quality


Once I got the sheets I had a feeling that the craftsmanship was sub par. At that point I could not quite put my finger on it, but after three cycles in the washing machine at 40 degrees with 800 RPM my suspicion was confirmed.


This is the program:


The Eve sheets have a longer seam length than my other “normal priced” bedding. This “longer” seam means that there are less supporting points and thus it is weaker. The seam where the sheet opening for the duvet is also not reinforced like on my other normal sheets:

The craftsmanship on buttons to close the duvet opening is also not very good. Several of the openings were too small and I had to apply a lot of force to get the button through. the buttons also have only one loop. most buttons on heavy duty equipment are two lopped (4 holes) for added strength.

On the positive side, there are a fastening strap for the duvet.

But overall, you are better of getting proper sheets from your store. These sheets are just really bad quality and the color is again only boring white.


EVE sleep pillow and casing

Foam pillows are special and I have always wanted one, but just never got around to switch out my down pillow, until now.

The Full package:

At the a great price you get the Eve foam pillow, duvet (dyne), and the mattress. So I did just that. In addition I decided to get the full bed linen package, the full deal and the real Eve experience. I mean if this is their core business it has to be good.

The Sheets are plain white cotton and looks like hotel sheets. The linen seem is okay and the touch of the material is okay. I don’t think it is as high thread count and soft feel of hotel sheets but it seems okay. I have to try it.


Color of your choice:

There is only white, which means that I will not get more sheets as white is boring. I would not get these sheets for a larger bed either again since white is boring. Picture below does not feature the Eve bed sheet as I am using a jersey stretch sheet instead, I should switch. Just not right today 🙂


But is it any good?

I have to try it for a night or three. Eve recommends 30 days but I am not tormenting myself for 30 days. I am going to return this if it does not fell okay soon or significantly better every day. There is a 30 day trial on the pillow.

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