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Hvordan få Uendelig Office 365 Education Lisenser

Hvis du er en kvalifisert skolekunde av Microsoft så kan du hente ned uendelig antall Office 365 Education lisenser for fakultet og student. Det er anbefalt å skille mellom lærer og elev/student. Noe funksjonalitet er avhengig av at lisensen er riktig.

Naviger til

Trykk på “Fakturering” og velg “Kjøp tjenester”

Husk å merk av for “Planer for Utdanning

kjøp planer

Hvis du ikke har kjøpt de før så havner de litt lengere ned på listen. Jeg har kjøpt det før så hos meg står det “Kjøpt” og jeg må trykke på de tre prikkene for å hente flere eller konvertere til “uendelige lisenser

kjøp flere

Trykk på “Endre lisensantall

kjøp eller hent flere

Velg så “Send inn” og du vil nå få uendelig lisenser for Office 365 A1 (Education)

få uendelig lisenser

Du får en oversikt over lisensene dine under “Fakturering” og “Abonnementer

Activate Azure Enterprise Subscription

Hi, here is a quick walkthrough of how to activate your top level Azure Enterprise Subscription Account on

This is where you define your organization, departments and organizational structure down to the individual faculty level.

NOTE: You do this before you log into .

NOTE 2: DO NOT add student and teachers here. This is for administration, IT and some researchers. You add teachers and students later in

  1. Find your activation email and copy or click the link (if you click it, make sure you are not logged into any other account.) azure welcome email
  2. Use your OFFICE 365/AZURE AD ACCOUNT for your enterprise. Do not use a Microsoft account such as
  3. Verify that you are using your correct workplace account to login to the service.
  4. Verify that again. I am serious. Make sure you are using the right account. If you are unsure, stop what you are doing and email me
  5. Your EA subscription is now linked to your workplace account. You are done.

Now you should add extra administrators. Click on Manage and “Enrollment” and add minimum 2 named admins.


Now, look at your organizational structure and start to add Departments. Remember to add administrators to each department.

AddDepartment (1)


Once you have set up your departments and accounts you may add additional subscriptions. Remember that services that run on different subscriptions do not talk to each other. Click Subscriptions and add extra subscriptions. You may create as many as you would like.



As you have multiple subscriptions with the same name, it is smart to change the name of each subscription. you do that in the click on “Subscriptions” then select the subscription you would like to rename and click “Rename


Finally it is time to add users or co-editors to your subscriptions. This can be students or teachers that only need access to this subscription for teaching or learning reasons.





Enable Microsoft Bookings in Office 365 Education

If Microsoft Bookings is not turned on for your organization by default, this is how you enable it.

My tenant setup

  • Office 365 A1 Education / Office 365 Education
  • My user is  a Global Admin
  • Please note that Bookings is a Office 365 A3/E3 feature (I can enable it but not use it)

Step 1:

Navigate to

Step 2:

Click on Services and Addins (The image has local language)

office 365 admin portal

Step 3:

Find Bookings in that list and click it

office 365 services and addins

Step 4:

Make sure that the first slider is set to On

Please take a note of the feature in red.

This feature does 2 things:

  1. Enables Facebook login which makes it easier for users outside your organization to book
  2. Enables sharing to social media.

It is by default “Off”. I suggest setting this to “On” if you are only using bookings with users that belong to your Office 365 Organization. Then you force them to use their Office 365 credentials to login and book. If you want external users, consider setting this to “Off”

enable microsoft bookings


Adopted from the Microsoft guide here: Turn on Bookings (Microsoft)

Please se the guide above for instructions on how to turn off/on bookings for individual users.

Enable windows hello login with camera on Windows 10 Intune joined machines


If you have a Windows 10 machine with a camera that supports Windows hello login you might see that Windows Hello is disabled by administrator.

windows 10 hello disabled

This is becasue of the Intune Policy in Microsoft Intune.


Note, that if you want to enable Windows Hello you will also force the user that uses Azure AD join to enroll with a pin, adding an extra step to the Azure AD join process.


Navigate to and log in with admin credentials and select Intune.

intune blade

Select then Device enrollment.

device enrollment

Select then Windows Enrollment

windows enrollment

You should then see Windows Hello for Business, click it.

manage windows hello for business

You may create several policies based on Groups. However there should be a default policy that is assigned to everyone.

default policy

I had the policy disabled. Now click enable.

whfb status

You do not need to change any settings, just Ensure that you allow biometric auth. Then remember to click “Save”enable biometric and click save

That is it. On a Windows 10 Device you can update the policies or log off/on/restart to recieve this new policy.

windows hello enabled

You can also force this policy Down on the Device by syncronizing it:

syncronize with intune

Windows 10 Education devices benchmark with Novabench and AS SSD

Here is a comparison chart between a range of Windows 10 Based Education devices.

  • All devices are running Windows 10 1607.
  • They have recently been wiped and waited for windows update to remove all flags in device management
  • Running on battery with more than 60% charge
  • Devices are joined to Intune from OOBE
  • Tests ran 3 times on each device (score is had minor deviations)

The devices range from Pentium to Celeron CPU and from 64 gig to 256 gig SSD. Ram is 4 gig. The results on each device differ marginally each time i run the benchmarking tool.

These devices are all really cheap and start at 1800 NOK before VAT.

Chart (In progress*):

HP X360
HP x360 radiant red
Lenovo N23
lenovo n23 education edition
Acer B1 Spin
acer b1 spin education edition
 Lenovo Yoga 11Elenovo yoga 11e edu  HP Stream 11hp stream 11 education  Dell Latitude 3189dell latitude 3189 edu
AS SSD Score  180 1607  153 673
Novabench Score 370  479  333  534
Max price NOK incl. VAT  4081  4081 3500  Not agreed 2500 Not agreed
Specs Intel Celeron – 4/64 Intel Celeron 4/64 Intel Celeron 4/64 Intel Celeron N3450 – 4/128 Intel Celeron N3060 – 4/64  Intel Pentium N4200 – 4/128

What can you learn from this chart? There are difference performance, so having an opinion of what is good enough can save you some extra money when selecting a device. Will the user notice a difference, mabye… or mabye not.

Just keep in mind that a student does not need a super fast disk to write essay’s in word. But he will appreciate the extra power of a better CPU when having a Skype call and editing power point at the same time.

My opinion is that disk speed is the most important aspect of the devices. Even Celeron is good enough.

Here are the individual images from each test:

HP X360

Lenovo Yoga 11E

HP Stream 11

Dell Latitude 3189

Acer B118 Spin

Lenovo N23

Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 Education Edition Intune Enrollment

Here is a video of how long time it takes to unbox, clean and setup a Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 Education and enroll it into Intune.

To enter Surface UEFI press  pwr on and hold volume up. Release pwr button once you see the device turns on. Keep holding the volume up untill you se the UEFI.

Please keep in mind that these test are real life and include some lag typing in email and passwords plus some clicking. This would be a realistic scenario. This even Includes MFA on enrollment.

Here is a summary of the times:

  • Wipe drive and clean to OOBE – 16 min 57 sec
  • OOBE to Windows – 2 mins 34 sec

Tech specs:

  • 8Gig Ram
  • 256 Gig SSD
  • Intel Pentium I5
  • Windows 10 Education 1607
  • Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD)

Here are the configurations in WICD:

settings clean

Here is the complete video:

Clean install with WICD

OOBE to Windows

Other tests on EDU devices:

HP X360 Education Edition

Lenovo N23 Education Edition

Acer B118 Spin Education Edition

Acer B118 Spin Education Edition Intune Enrollment

Here is a video of how long time it takes to unbox and setup a Acer B1 Spin with Windows 10 Education and enroll it into Intune.

To enter Acer UEFI press F2 – Here you can enable the F12 Boot menu which is disabled by default.

Here is a summary of the times:

  • Wipe drive and clean to OOBE – 22 min 52 sec
  • OOBE to Windows – 3 mins 31 sec
  • Switch user – 46 sec

Tech specs:

  • 4 Gig Ram
  • 64 Gig SSD
  • Intel Celeron 1,4 GHZ
  • Windows 10 Education 1607
  • Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD)

Here are the configurations in WICD:

settings clean

Here is the complete video:

Clean install with WICD

OOBE to Windows

New user switch

Other tests on EDU devices:

HP X360 Education Edition

Lenovo N23 Education Edition

*Updated Comparison chart Intune enrollment with Education Devices

Here is the comparison chart for the new Education Devices from HP, Lenovo and Acer.

UPDATED: Lenovo Yoga and Dell Latitude

This should illustrate how long time it takes for a student to setup his PC. On Wipe drive i used WICD, On Intune Enrollment I typed the email and waited for MFA. The actual clean logon without user intervention is much faster. On the new user switch, the device was not prepared with Setup My School PC for true multi user. The time it takes is for Windows to prepare a loaner PC or allow a student to borrow another PC in a 1-1 scenario


HP X360

Lenovo N23

Acer B118 Spin

 Surface Pro 4surface pro 4 education Lenovo Yoga 11elenovo yoga 11e edu  Dell Latitude 3189dell latitude 3189 edu
Wipe drive and clean to OOBE  21 min 21 sec  26 min 21 sec  22 min 52 sec  16 min 57 sec  19 min 14 sec  21 min 58 sec
OOBE to Windows  4 min 7 sec  4 min 46 sec  3 min 31 sec  2 min 34 sec  4 min 46 sec  3 min 58 sec
Switch to new user  34 sec  56 sec  46 sec  34 sec 35 sec
Specs Intel Pentium 4/128 Intel Celeron 4/64 Intel Celeron 4/64  Intel Core i5 8/256  Intel Pentium 4/128  Intel Celeron 4/128

Note that during the OOBE and user switching i actually typed in information, hence the benchmark is subject to my typing speed.

Here are the individual tests:

HP x360 EE

Lenovo N23

Acer B118 Spin

Surface Pro 4

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