acer switch 10032213_1200_InstallingW2.jpg

Before you start,
1. USE A 32bit WINDOWS IMAGE. Atom CPU’s does not read x64
2. Prepare your USB for UEFI – Follow my guide here to properly prepare your USB for boot.
Installing Windows 8 Enterprise on Surface Pro

Why do I need to do all this fuss? -Most new devices are delivered with UEFI instead of BIOS. Alot of security benefits here. Some of you might experience that these devices do not automatically boot from a bootable key that you plug in. Please follow my instructions above.

When you are ready.

1. Press and hold Power Button + Volume Up

switch 10 side power button

2. (OPTIONAL) As you have powered on the device, release power button and keep holding Volume up until you enter the UEFI.
Here, navigate to Main and Select Enable to F12 Boot Menu

enable F12 boot

3. Go to Boot and change the Boot priority order make sure that USB CDROM and USB HDD are on top

boot priority

4. Its Now time to Plug in your USB Key. You can plug it in to the Keyboard dock or the Tablet using  Micro-USB to USB adapter
I used the Adapter on the picture below.

switch 10 micro usb to usb

5. Navigate to Exit and select Exit Saving Changes.
The Device will now boot from either the Adapter (Left) or Keyboard dock (Right)

boot usb micro usb boot usb dock