Before you start,
1. USE A 32bit WINDOWS IMAGE. Atom CPU’s does not read x64
2. Prepare your USB for UEFI – Follow my guide here to properly prepare your USB for boot.
Installing Windows 8 Enterprise on Surface Pro

Why do I need to do all this fuss? -Most new devices are delivered with UEFI instead of BIOS. Alot of security benefits here. Some of you might experience that these devices do not automatically boot from a bootable key that you plug in. Please follow my instructions above.

When you are ready.

1. Do not insert the USB key yet, boot your device first.

2. Once your device is in Windows insert your USB Key, swipe on the right side to bring out the charms. Select Settings


3. Select Change PC settings

change pc settings

4. In PC Settings, select Update and Recovery

PC and Devices

5. Select Recovery and Click Restart now


6. The PC will reboot and you get this option, Select Use a device

Choose boot option

7. Then use the EFI USB Device (You can also boot IPV4 Network boot)

Use a EFI device