Turning of the automatic 90 day password change for Office 365. Making the service easy to use for the forgetful family members.

Note: Windows 8 comes with a Power Shell instance. Don’t use it here. Use the one provided from below.

First; Install logon assistant for Office 365 Power Shell

First install the respective 32/64 bit login assistant


Then install the respective 32/64 bit Power Shell version

Microsoft Online Services-modul for Windows PowerShell (32-biters versjon)

Microsoft Online Services-modul for Windows PowerShell (64-biters versjon))

Second; Run Power Shell Window

Click Windows Key, and find by scrolling or typing; Azure. Click on Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows Power Shell

Now, lets turn off password expiration for all users.

  • First, Connect to Office 365; Connect-MsolService
  • When in the Power Shell window, type; get-module MSOnline
  • Then type; Get-MSOLUser | Set-MsolUser -PasswordNeverExpires $true

Full links here:



Files to install: (NOR)

Hope this helps