Windows To Go

Windows 8

Who is it for

Consultants; who receive one PC from each client to work on projects

Students; who only have access to a computer lab. Each student may receive 1 WTG instance and return it to the institution when no longer enrolled

Information Workers; who need access to LOB and domain off work.

Just about everyone

How do you get it

Windows To Go is a Windows 8 Pro Software Assurance benefit on Volume License agreement (Not Reail and OEM)


You need Windows 8 Enterprise image for the software bits, which is not available for other than VL customers


Retail (In a store), OEM (On a new computer) or VL (A Volume software agreement)


You need a Windows 8 Pro computer to create Windows To Go sticks. The software to create WTG is included in Windows 8 Pro, however the Image to populate WTG stick must be acquired from either CD, Technet, VLSC or MSDN etc..

How do you use it

Almost PC/Mac or Linux machine that can boot from USB

Almost any PC or Mac with Parallels/Bootcamp

What if there is no internet connection

Does not require internet

Does not require internet

What about security

Bitlocker Drive Encryption, Bitlocker Boot Protection

TPM, Bitlocker Encryption, Refreshing or Resetting windows, Windows Recovery Environment

What does not work

Store Disabled by default*

Internal disks are offline

Refresh/Reset Windows

Removal of USB (reinsert before 60 sec if removed or else possibility for data loss)

Minimum hardware requirements

How is it integrated with the operating system

Windows To Go is Based on Windows 8, so all the settings which are synced through your Microsoft Account will be downloaded once you enter your Microsoft ID.

The WTG instance will have to be set up just like a normal computer if a clean enterprise image is used.

How is it integrated with Office & Skydrive

You install Skydrive, Office and other Software just as usual. The software from the Host machine who created the USB stick does not follow. Windows To Go is Based on the Windows 8 Enterprise image (which IT can modify).

Operating System

Windows 8 Pro



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