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Windows store for business

Minecraft Education Edition Activation Emails

If you have ordered Minecraft Education Edition on EES you will get an activation email which places your licenses in Windows Store for Business

The sender is: Microsoft Online Services Team

One mail is for Faculty


One is for Students


Remember to open your browser in “incognito” or “in-private” mode Ctrl+Shift+P (Edge or IE) then shut down all other browser windows before you click the link. this way you prevent your licenses from ending up in the wrong place.

Deploy your App to Windows Store for Business

In the new Windows Store for business you can deploy any number of apps to your own private windows store for business.


  1. Developer account here:
  2. Linked developer account to windows store for business organization here:

The deployment will be handled by our Windows Store agent and is mostly self service.

Here is how you deploy to Windows Store for Business:


Click Dashboard



Create a new submission
Start the submission of your app
Place it in the Windows Store for Business



Select organization and deploy



From this guide:

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