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Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition Activation Emails

If you have ordered Minecraft Education Edition on EES you will get an activation email which places your licenses in Windows Store for Business

The sender is: Microsoft Online Services Team

One mail is for Faculty


One is for Students


Remember to open your browser in “incognito” or “in-private” mode Ctrl+Shift+P (Edge or IE) then shut down all other browser windows before you click the link. this way you prevent your licenses from ending up in the wrong place.

How to get Minecraft Education Edition Trial

If you want to get Minecraft Education Edition Trial this is what you need to do:

Note, this solution is for the free 25 licenses trial and does not use windows store for business for deployment

First make sure you have this:

  1. Office 365 Education Account
  2. User with Office 365 Education Faculty License Assigned

Download Minecraft EE here:

Save the Zip file and right click on the “InstallMInecraftEducationEdition” and select “Run as Administrator”


This will happen:


Start Minecraft:


Login to minecraft and accept eula

Now you have 25 test licenses to showcase Minecraft Education Edition:


Go ahead and set up your world to play.

First time playing? Download a tutorial world here:


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