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Stop Windows Intune Endpoint Protection Scans


So, when I use my computer I like that it runs fast, cool and quiet.
All of a sudden disk starts whirr’ing and the system responds slower. Whats up?
Scheduled Windows Intune Endpoint Protection full scan is whats up.

Unfortunately for Intune, it can’t run while Your computer is off and since most People sleep their computer, they use it while its on.
Lets turn that stuff off…

Reference here:

Navigate to:
Policies->Add New Policy->Windows Intune Agent->Tick: Create and Distribute Custom Policy->Create Policy
Name: Stop Scanning me
Search Plan -> Uncheck Both
Click “Save Policy”
On Promt->yes
Add Your groups->Click Ok

Tip: Also increase the time which you can delay restart after updates have been Applied to: 30 minutes

My Policies
My Policies

Manage Mobile Devices with Windows Intune

Its really easy.

Full guide can be found here:

Step 1:

Navigate to Administration and click Mobile Device Management

Step 2:

On the far right side, click “Set Mobile Device Management Authority


Now you may start to add Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, iOS and Exchange Units.

Windows Intune kule features

Viste du at

Du kan høyrelikke i konsollet:

Forbedret rapportering på blant annet:
PC fabrikat
Disk plass
Minne installert

Alt dette kan eksporteres til en CSV fil og sendes til Excel for analyse.

Du kan behandle andre lisensavtaler i Windows Intune

Du kan kjøre oppgaver på eksterne klientmaskiner

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