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Deploy OneNote learning tools with Intune

Great news, Learning tools come as an MSI package!

This is how you use Intune to deploy OneNote learning toolslearning-tools-bar

  1. Download the tool from
  2. other-downloadmore-info
    you can change language to Norsk

    save it
  3. go to


If you are updating machines use the following argument:


If you are installing fresh use the following argument:

  • LearningTools.msi /quiet /norestart


Enable Bitlocker Check in Intune MDM

When joining a Windows 10 device to Azure AD which supports “InstantGo” or “Connected standby” e.g. Surface. Microsoft Automatically enables bitlocker.

For all other devices you need to manually enable bitlocker on your drive.

As an IT admin you can create a Compliance Policy that checks if Bitlocker has been enabled. Here is how:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Policies and Compliance Policy
  3. Click Add
  4. Name: Bitlocker Check
  5. Description: Checks if bitlocker is enabled
  6. Under device health enable Windows Device Health Attestation.
  7. Deploy the policy to your target users or groups
  8. Check for compliance.


Microsoft Intune enrollment on Android for end users

All Android is not the same

First let me start of by saying that almost all android phones are different in respect to enrollment. These screenshots are taken on a Sony Device. The most complicated part with Android is that the End User have to fix the compliance settings yourself.

How good are your users?

e.g. as seen here the end user need to set the pin-code him/herself to be compliant. Make sure that your users can do this themselves before you start.

Picture by picture guide

Here is how you as a end user will experience Intune in your organization






If you are an IT admin, check out this guide on how it looks like for you in the Intune Portal

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