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Intune for Education portal

Yay, the new Intune Education Portal is live. you find it here:

It has:

  • Role-based security (create admins for a region or school)
  • HTML5 support
  • SDS integration
  • Granular deployment for schools
  • ++++ much more


If you do not have access, just wait. You get a notification in the old silverlight portal when you can migrate.

Dont want to wait; simply create a new trial to check this out:


More info here:


Minecraft Education Edition Activation Emails

If you have ordered Minecraft Education Edition on EES you will get an activation email which places your licenses in Windows Store for Business

The sender is: Microsoft Online Services Team

One mail is for Faculty


One is for Students


Remember to open your browser in “incognito” or “in-private” mode Ctrl+Shift+P (Edge or IE) then shut down all other browser windows before you click the link. this way you prevent your licenses from ending up in the wrong place.

How to get Minecraft Education Edition Trial

If you want to get Minecraft Education Edition Trial this is what you need to do:

Note, this solution is for the free 25 licenses trial and does not use windows store for business for deployment

First make sure you have this:

  1. Office 365 Education Account
  2. User with Office 365 Education Faculty License Assigned

Download Minecraft EE here:

Save the Zip file and right click on the “InstallMInecraftEducationEdition” and select “Run as Administrator”


This will happen:


Start Minecraft:


Login to minecraft and accept eula

Now you have 25 test licenses to showcase Minecraft Education Edition:


Go ahead and set up your world to play.

First time playing? Download a tutorial world here:


Deploy OneNote learning tools with Intune

Great news, Learning tools come as an MSI package!

This is how you use Intune to deploy OneNote learning toolslearning-tools-bar

  1. Download the tool from
  2. other-downloadmore-info
    you can change language to Norsk

    save it
  3. go to


If you are updating machines use the following argument:


If you are installing fresh use the following argument:

  • LearningTools.msi /quiet /norestart


Deploy your App to Windows Store for Business

In the new Windows Store for business you can deploy any number of apps to your own private windows store for business.


  1. Developer account here:
  2. Linked developer account to windows store for business organization here:

The deployment will be handled by our Windows Store agent and is mostly self service.

Here is how you deploy to Windows Store for Business:


Click Dashboard



Create a new submission
Start the submission of your app
Place it in the Windows Store for Business



Select organization and deploy



From this guide:

Removing user access to Azure RMS documents


You share a Azure RMS protected document with one user If you now remove that user and add

-> What happens?


Each share on the file creates a new instance in Azure RMS, hence if you want to remove user access you need to revoke access to the document completly.

Note: once you revoke access to a document, all the users will loose access.

Hence if the user quits and you revoke access to a document which also has access to then both loose access.

version protection
Observe the individual shared versions of the file


Workaround would be to always share a document with as few as possible each time.

Microsoft Edge Karaoke mode with YouTube and Cortana

So I wanted to listen to some music while testing out stuff and went to youtube.

I have Cortana enabled on my machine and I use Edge. Belive it or not when I pressed play, Cortana asked:

lyrics prompt cortana

This transformed my browser to the complete solo-karaoke mode!

Enable Cortana and check it out:

karaoke mode with edge

MDM enrollment with Azure AD Join

This is how you both join Azure AD and enroll for MDM. Your admin need to have configured Automatic MDM enrollment into intune over at for this to work.
1 - system2 - aad join

3 - notification
Disclamer from Windows
4 - login
Note how my icon and text have been pulled Down from Office 365
5 - mfa loading
Azure MFA gateway
6 - custom policy approvment screen
Customizable Policy template for Your org

7 - org check

8 - spell check
Despite the translation error, all is okay now.



Conditional Access Behavior on Outlook 2016

If you enable conditional Access in Intune then Your devices will have to be enrolled with Intune in order to read mail. If they are not enrolled or otherwise compliant they will be blocked.

-You can relax these demands as you see fit, but that would kinda defeat its purpose.

This is how Outlook behaves

1 - autodiscover
Add Your account as usual
2 - modern auth prompt
Modern Auth Prompt
4 - conditional access required
Conditional Access checkpoint

This user will not be allowed to Complete the mail setup.
Note that you have to enable ADAL on Exchange Online and use Outlook 2013-2016 With ADAL in order for this to work. Click here to se how to set up Exchange Online with ADAL

How to enroll Your Windows 10 Machine in Intune to get back mail?

Click here for the MDM enrollment instructions without Azure AD join.

or here

for MDM enrollment instructions with Azure AD Join

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