So you ever had the dream of building your own hut up in the trees? A place where you could spend the night and watch the stars or observe the wildlife in peace and tranquility?

Last Desember 23. Hanne gave me a birthday present which was one night in a Tre top hut up in Brummendal, link here: Furuhytta

They have several huts for rental and the Furuhytta is the most affordable and smallest one. Perfect for 2-4 persons. It has all the convenience of a normal cabin even though its elevated and you need to climb the stairs to get up.

Preparing to go there:
Don’t over-pack. There is not a lot of luggage room. And you do not need much. In the winter it is very warm inside so you dont have to bring a lot of warm stuff. Remember to pack the camera and flashlight. Of clothes, in the winter/fall time just bring some super-underwear for inside and then some normal light trekking gear. We went during fall.

Getting there:
The road direction is marked well until you get to a toll station. After that pay close attention to the directions. We had a hard time to find the right place to take off the main road. It was very hard to spot because it is no more than a open lot after about 15 minutes of driving into “nowhere”. Don’t hesitate to call the owners. They can guide you.

Staying there:
Your car parks very close. you do not need any trekking gear or special shoes to go there. During sommer you can use normal shoes. During winter there might be some snow on the path. No need to prepare yourself for a long trek. You can also bring suitcases or bags with you as the walk is short. Remember to bring a flash light especially for winter as it gets dark when all lights are off.

The cabin is insulated and warm, you do not need a lot of clothes. Remember that you have to do the dishwashing by hand so try to bring stuff that do not generate a lot of cleaning.

The birds are very tame and if you have food in your palm they might jump on your arm to eat the seeds. There are plenty of sees at the cabin. The squirrels that live there are audible as they run around and make scratching sounds. They won’t eat of your hand. There are some larger birds there as well. We saw also a woodpecker and some larger birds. They ate corn. However don’t put too much food that is not seeds, as you dont know if they will eat it.

There is full cellphone coverage so you can bring Spotify and such.


Link: http://tretopphytter.no/