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Service based Azure Multifactor Authentication

Now you can enable a certain service for Azure MFA.

In this example i enforce MFA for a security group with 3 users when they try to access Yammer only. Everything else is not enforced with MFA.

Prerequisites: Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) License assigned to the user.


Go to:

Navigate to your domain and click applications


Use these settings

Note on these settings, I have 3 users in the CA Exchange Online Mobile group. Rest of my users are in the NO CA group and that group is set to Except. I do this to ensure that nothing is enforced globally to all users. The 3 users in the first group have not had Azure MFA Enabled or Enforced but is set to Disabled.

sony disabled
You do not have to enable MFA globaly for this to work


yammer mfa settings
I always add an Except group with the remaining users.


This is what the user will see now.


He will see the normal login but be required to enter a second factor. If he navigates to outlook og Onedrive there will be no such requirement.

yammer endpointcredentials portSetup MFAenter phone


Yammer Keyword Monitor

On Yammer as a Network Admin you may monitor certain keywords that you choose. (You need yammer enterprise)

It could be that you as an IT guy want to monitor if users type HELP or PROBLEM or a sentence such as PROBLEM WITH PC

Log in to yammer at

Click the Yammer Cog

yammer cog

Choose Network Admin

network admin

Click Monitor Keywords

monitor keywords

Write the keywords you want to monitor:


Then when there is a match you will get this email:

email message


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