If you want to Access Corporate materials With your Acer Switch running Windows 8 With Bing you need to Upgrade the Operating System.

windows 8.1 with bing
Windows 8.1 With Bing

Before you start:

1. You need a 32 bit image of Windows Pro. (I used Windows 8.1. Multiple editions from MSDN)
2. A valid Windows MAK Key
3. Fully charged Device

Boot Windows, Insert the USB Key into any port, in file Explorer run Setup.exe. then Follow the Instructions Below:

run setup exe
Click Setup
Windows Will Prepare
product key
Enter Key
add features
Click “Legg til Funksjoner”
get started
Because of the Version, enter key again
click next
then click next
Accept and next
working with features
let Windows work
upgrading windows
Windows will reboot and work more
upgraded windows
Running Pro, this text will dissappear once you Connect to the web and activate
running windows 8.1 pro
Done upgrading