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Putting Pictures in your App

This is how you add and use pictures in Your App:

1. Find
2. Save Locally
3. Create a folder in Visual Studio
4. Import into Visual Studio
5. Put Picture in objects

Just bing them

Your Pictures need to be saved in a temporary folder and this folder has no Connection to the App

Notice the folder structure in this App. ALWAYS put folders in the Assets folder (makes it easier)
Right click on Assets to create more folders.

Single Click on the folder you want the picture to be in (here i clicked on Assets)
Then Drag and Drop the picture from your folder to the folder in Visual Studio.

Click on SplitPage.xaml to load the designer
Click the Object you want to fill with a picture (Here i clicked on the background):

Now, in the properties windows select BRUSH and Click the IMAGE BUTTON (you might have to resize the right bar to see the image source button)

Click on the ImageSource arrow down

Your picture is now visible and it should cover the entire background of the app.
notice that once you dragged the image into the assets folder in Visual Studio, you also move the image file to a different folder on the disk. You may delete the orginal picture in your temporary folder.

Coding without Code – Windows 8 App

Windows 8 is about, time to start developing my first Win8 App!
Lets just sum it up here:
1. I dont understand code
2. I understand copy/paste
3. I have a tiny understanding of HTML

So, how do you make a Windows 8 App without being a CODE NINJA?
Lets start:
1. You need Expression Blend (this is where I will make all Objects and stuff)
2. You need Visual Studio (This is becasue most examples use code and its easiest to copy paste in VS)
3. You need Win8 SDK With some cool templates
find the SDK here:

If you want to read stuff (eww) before you start, og here:
It will explain you guidelines and design principles.

Your tools look like this:

Coding Without Code for Windows Phone 7

Learn to Love Blend
i ❤ Blend

Windows Phone 7
Create something!

The art of making a  Windows Phone App with little or no coding at all.

Welcome to this tutorial for those of you that just want to create something fast and easy.
If you have used PowerPoint or shapes/figures in Word, then you are set for this tutorial

Step 1 – Get the tools and Register

Windows Phone SDK, Expression Blend og Visual Studio.

You have to create an account for Marketplace in order to release your app. The price in Norway is 819NOK.
This process takes some time and require a credit card. Once completed the account validation takes some time aswell.
Start this before you code so there is no snag when you want to release your app

Please note. You must have Expression Blend, without Blend it will be very hard to code without code.
Read more about Expression Blend here:

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