The Samsung Smart Washer WW10H9600EW (Samsung Vaskemaskin WW9000) from Elkjøp is a very very good washer for under 10.000 NOK and it has one thing which I looked for:

  1. Auto dosage / Automatisk Dosering
Miele also have this but its way more expensive and you have to use Miele detergent. That is way more expensive and it is just stupid. The finish and technology on the Miele machine is also way way way behind.
On the Samsung Washer you can use and brand liquid detergent and fabric softner. This is just super!. I use Blenda Sensitive detergent and Comfort Sommerfrisk fabric softener.
The look of the unit is superb. Great finish.
It works great with the touch panel and has tons of pre set menu’s. Its very silent during operation and during sentrifuge. Very very nice!
The touch panel is responsive and easy to use. It also has a built in light so you can see what is going on inside the machine at any time.
I do not use the phone apps because they suck. Do not expect wonders here. I also do not have the need to turn on my washer when I am away. I can set a timer for that.