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Rubber spray

Get black tires with Rubberspray

Black looks really good. I bought 4 cans of Rubberspray and decided to paint my tires black. Bear in mind that this does not protect the rim and it can get scratched off so be careful and do not use a high pressure washer on the tires. 20171015_144740

The application part is really easy and anyone can do it. I know nothing and managed to get a decent result.

Here are my pro tips:


  1. Clean your tires


  2. Use the whole Can at once, do not stop spraying until the can is empty. First layer will look something like this. Just spray and keep the wheels close so you can leap to each tire.


2. Keep your cans warm and stop if there is little gas left or else you can get drops. 20171015_152132

Don’t worry about the drops, you don’t see them later.

3. Minimum 4 layers. 4-6 is recommended.


End result is cool.

Wash with care!


Thinking about Rubber Spray – Liquid Gum?

Some of you have probably seen cans with rubber spray or heard about a spray that you can spray on and peel off. Guess what, it is all true and it works great!

I bought a can of it at Jula

Remember this before you start:

  1. Try first, try in on a similar material
  3. Buy enough cans, you have limited time to apply after each coating

The spray does not work if you do not put enough coatings, you will not be able to remove it properly. If you are coating a rim, buy some extra cans. You don’t have time to go back to the shop if you run out and it could be very hard to remove the coating

Pictures below from a showel I tried it on. Videos below pictures show both a coarse surface and a smooth surface


Coarse surface – showel:

Smooth surface:

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