Screenbeam Miracast alternative to Chromecast

This is a hands on test of the Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini

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If you are looking for a way to wirelessly transfer the content of Your screen to “the big screen” there are 3 popular ways to do it.

  1. Apple TV
  2. Chromecast
  3. Miracast

Of the 3 Technologies above, Miracast is probably the dumbest Technology. Miracast is only a Wireless HDMI/VGA cable. It does what the HDMI/VGA cable is supposed to, transmit sound and image. If you compare it to Apple TV or Chromecast the Miracast will disapoint you since you MUST Connect it to a computer for it to do anything at all.

The Box

The Box feature all you need, the adapter itself can take Power from USB on the tv or from the wall socket.


Connecting the unit

There is also a HDMI extension cable if the dongle does not fit into the TV directly.
Here is a tip: Leave the metal band on the USB cable to avoid cable clutter!

A note on Power.

The unit require a larger powersupply like HDD’s so if Your TV has a HDD usb port it will supply the right amount of Power, plug it into any other port and it may start to reboot constantly. You may also Connect it to the wall socket.


Connect it to Windows 8

It’s fairly easy to Connect it using a Windows tablet, here on a Dell Venue Pro 8

Personal touch on during connection

Mirrored 8" Dell Venue Pro 8

Connect it to Windows Phone

Fairly easy aswell. Go to Settings->Project my screen->Click Your adapter.

Wireless phone screen

Portrait on phone

An other tip: Rotate the phone to landscape in order to watch a Movie from Youtube or to present a PowerPoint presentation.

Landscape on phone

Microsoft Recently Launched its own Miracast Dongle:
Product Link: