Just when you find that lamp you want. How hard can it be to mount it.

Answer: Too hard.

My house already has a predrilled electrical socket with fastening holes for lamps. It is a standard dimension. but does Philips care? No.

These are the tools you need:


Note that the small torx screw thing comes with the lamp

Step 1. Turn of the light switch and turn of the fuse. Use a measuring meter to make sure its dead.

Step 2. Unpack the lamp and unscrew the protective boxes (IP44 lamps have this)

Step 3. Hold the lamp up to the top socket and use a marker to mark where the holes should be on the lamp socket

Step 4. Drill a hole.


Step 5. Adjust the drilling as needed.

Step 6. Discover that if you just use two holes with this lamp it dill fit in a straight line.


Step 7. Drill a 2nd hole.

There are two manually drilled holes

Step 8. Thread the cables into the lamp and fasten the screws and then cables. For the 3rd hole we used a plaster screw.



Step 9.Fix the light bulb and screw the lid on.


You are done.