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Our doors are quiet now – thanks North Korea!

So we have bought a new house and the inner doors are real poor quality. The brand is Dorma.

Dorma låsehus
Dorma lockbox

The noise when opening the door is just horrible. Listen to this:

So I went to Jula and bought new lockboxes for only 99 NOK. Really cheap and really quiet.

The brand Hard Head is produced in “Peoples Republic of Korea” for Jula. So thanks North Korea! You just made sneaking away when I wake up a bit easier!

In norwegian for some reason:

Du kan også feste en list langs karmen for å dempe støy når du åpner og lukker døren. Fåes kjøpt på rull hos Jula. Husk å kjøp den tynneste. Du må også justere på motstykke til døren.

Karmlist for støydemping
For å dempe støy og lukkestøy har jeg satt på en karmlist også fra Jula

Thinking about Rubber Spray – Liquid Gum?

Some of you have probably seen cans with rubber spray or heard about a spray that you can spray on and peel off. Guess what, it is all true and it works great!

I bought a can of it at Jula

Remember this before you start:

  1. Try first, try in on a similar material
  3. Buy enough cans, you have limited time to apply after each coating

The spray does not work if you do not put enough coatings, you will not be able to remove it properly. If you are coating a rim, buy some extra cans. You don’t have time to go back to the shop if you run out and it could be very hard to remove the coating

Pictures below from a showel I tried it on. Videos below pictures show both a coarse surface and a smooth surface


Coarse surface – showel:

Smooth surface:

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