Seriously, how often do you get to live on an island hotel!?

Club Paradise is a hotel located on an island separated from everything. They have internet, electricity, airconditioning and good food, so you will not have to give up on luxury.

We went there during the rain season, and got 50% discount on our stay. It was well worth it. Remember that you have to get there by a transport that they set up. The cost is additional. This is the best hotel i have ever stayed at.

The Weather
We went there during low season so it was very humid and warm. Too warm for just laying out in the sun, you have to be in the water or in the shade. It did not rain a single day. So I guess we were lucky. It is in the middle of the Ocean so weather can change fast, however it seems that clouds are gathering around the main island of Coron and just pass this small island as seen in this picture:

Island Approach


The Room
The bungalow on the beach is great. Its spaceous and the distance between the bungalow is so that you feel very private and alone. It comes with sunbeds and towels and all you need. If you want, just order food and drinks to your room. Enjoy yourself! The AC needs to be on all the time to combat the warm and humid weather. It is not very well insulated so you hear the waves and it gets warm fast if you turn the AC off. Shower is great. No issues here.

Our cabin

The Ocean
The water is pristine and warm. There are a school of fish just outside where barracudas hunt from time to time. It’s very cool as all of a sudden the large barracuda will swim around you and hunt smaller fish. Dont worry, it wont touch you.
There are also sea-turtles living close by which you can see. There are some reef sharks and plenty of Clown Fish. If you feel like diving, go look at the GIGANTIC clams. they are HUGE!
If you can handle the heat, they have sail-boats and glass bottom canoes as well as lifejackets and snorkeling gear. They have it all!

Clown Fish

The location
It’s just as great for couples on romatic travel as backpackers, and families. They have all the amenities to cover you for a romantic trip up on top of the island or just to chill out by the pool side and sip drinks. Picture form behind the insect net inside the cabin looking out.


Some warnings
They have a large fruit-bat colony that reside just by the restaurant and pool. They dont do anything but they make a LOT of noise. I have not heared this kind of noise since i visited a pig farm as a kid.

It is also very hot here for North-Europeans. For a lot of families and people it can get too hot. If you can not deal with hot humid weather ,this place is not for you.
Keep in mind that this place is expensive even compared to Norway. If you get a good deal you still have to pay for food and drinks. Dont go here to save money, go here to get a bit of Paradise and spoil yourself.

Some Images:

Welcome Reception with Music for all Guests!


Dont belive me?
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