Håvard Siegel Haukeberg

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Haukeberg i Eid tatt før 1900

Plutselig fant min far et bilde hos Romsdalsmuseet. Bildet viser Haukeberget med gården Haukeberg. Det bor 9 Haukeberg igjen i Eid.

Kjøpte bildet og printet det ut på aluminium med glassfront fra

Haukeberg i Eid
Haukeberg i Eid – Møre og Romsdal – 120×90

Her er et annet bilde av Haukeberg gård (til vestre i bildet)

Fergekaia i Nordvika i Eid
En kan og se garden Haukeberg til venstre i bildet og garden Søberg midt i bildet. Siden en ikke kan se prestegarden i Eid, som skul

Foto: Romsdalsmuseets fotoarkiv

Bildet er ganske tungt grunnet glassfront. Kommer med en meget god festeanordning.


World Record at The Gathering 2012

world record at the Gathering

Backed up by Microsoft, the participants created the world largest test environment for Windows 8 Server. Over 500 virtual private servers (VPS) were created during the last 36 hours.

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Coding Without Code for Windows Phone 7 – HubTiles (Live Tiles)

Example of an app made with LiveTiles

Want to make fancy LiveTiles aka HubTiles?

Its really easy, and best of all. No code needed!

You will need the Windows Phone Toolkit. Its here: and select one of the Download options:

  • Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit – Aug 2011.msi

Install the package

Connect Expression Blend to the Toolkit!
This is how you do it:

Add a reference to your project by right clicking on references.
then browse here to find the reference you need to add.

path of the windows phone toolkit

Add a reference in the MainPage.xaml
Select “code view” – dont be afraid, we are just going to copy paste.
Add this line of code to the start:

The reference you need to add in MainPage.xaml

Now just start adding HubTiles.
You find the HubTiles here

this is where you find the HubTile control
Just double click on a HubTile to add it to a list on e.g. a panoramic app

Sixth and finally:
Now, to add content to the HubTile you have to use the “code view” dont be afraid, its just to add text! look at my sample below. You find the code in the MainPage.xaml

A screen snip of all the code in one set of LiveTiles with and without content.

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