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Review Azure MFA or SSPR Activity / Consumption

If you want to know how users are consuming Azure MFA or Self Service Password Reset this is where you find that info:

Self Service Password Reset log:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Directory
  3. Click on your Azure AD directory
  4. For SSPR click here:sspr-activity

For Azure MFA activity log:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Directory
  3. Click on your Azure AD directory
  4. Click Configure
  5. Scroll Down to Multi-Factor Authentication and click: Manage Service settings
  6. Click “Go to the Portal” at the very bottom
  7. Click View Report
  8. Click Summary
  9. Select 1 month back
  10. Click Run
  11. Go to Queued Reports
  12. Click on View Report

You can also see reports sorted on users and how much they log in.



Adding a Success Plan Owner to Fasttrack

In order to be eligible for the adoption funds you need to have a success plan owner on your success plan and that owner need to be from the customer email-domain.

Here is how you as a PARTNER can do it:

Find the success plan and make sure it is all 100%
Click on 1. Business Case and wait for page to load. Then click teams


Make sure you have these roles


If you are missing Success Plan Owner , click add and add him.


Now go back up to the success plan and click the gear icon and Edit members


If you do not see a customer plan owner click add/edit members


Select the customer owner from the drop down list


Now you are ready to submit your offer request. Click on Offers and continue or “Learn more”


Associate the success plan which now has a owner


Attach any aditional files and click submit.


Customer Success Plan Owner now has to approve the project in the fasttrack portal.

Easy way to claim Fasttrack adoption funding

  2. Click Log In in top right corner
  3. Click the Sign in button again and Sign in with your Office 365/Azure AD account (you must have this)
  4. Wait for the site to load all the menus, takes some seconds
  5. Click “Search for a customer

    search for custoemr
    Search for a customer
  6. Then seach for the customer name. Green ball means that Fasttrack center is engaged, red pyramid means that we have not engaged the customersearch results
  7. Click the customer and click “Add me
  8. Now click on Offers and find the “FY16 EMS Adoption Offer” and click “Learn more
  9. If you have the competency to claim funds then click “Create Request” and start to fill out.

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