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Azure AD & Intune Enrollment Sways

This post will now be a list of Sway’s for enrollment into Azure AD and Intune.

  • Windows 10 Pro Azure AD join
  • Windows 10 enterprise Education Azure AD Join
  • Azure MFA enrollment
  • Ipad into intune

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Enterprise / Education

Azure MFA Enrollment


Microsoft Intune Company Portal Enrollment on iPad for end-users

Here is a complete set of screen dumps which the end user will have to see/do in order to enroll a iOS device into Intune.


Conditional Access prevents exchange online sync before enrollment



Microsoft Intune on-prem/hybrid DNS settings

If you want to enroll your devices with Microsoft Intune and you have your own DNS then this is the setting you want to put into it:


Remember: If you have Split Brain DNS or a second DNS in the DMZ, put the same CNAME alias there aswel.

FDQN is always “”

Make sure if you have some advance proxy setup or routing that they are on the same subnet.


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