Hey, are you a municipality, county or another complex organization? Do you have education users and corporate users and want all of them to be in the same Azure AD?

Good news for you. It’s possible!

edu and corp
And I have here Both E3 and Education (E1) for students.

Here is how you do it.

  1. You do not have Office 365/EMS or Azure AD

    • Add your education domain to verify EDU status
    • Buy EDU Licenses and The CORP licenses should also be in the same list under “Purchase Services”
  2. You have a CORP tenant that you need EDU licenses on.

    • Email your License supplier hand have them reach out to your local Microsoft Education Team.
    • The local MSFT EDU team can tag your tenant as EDU. YOu need to provide them with your tenant name: e.g. MYTENANT.onmicrosoft.com
    • Wait 48 hours after the MSFT EDU team has submitted the request.

Here is proof that it works:

I can select between EDU and CORP plans

Limitations,risks and warnings.

  1. Risks include students having access to the entire GAL
    • Do a GAL segregation please.
  2. Volume License plans – it has not been tested and no one knows how exactly it will pan out with the agreement you have. So be warned the deployment of licenses may take a LOOOOOOONG time.
  3. You do this at your own risk at the moment and there is no guarantee it will work in the end either.
  4. This scenario works fine when you buy licenses in the portal (MOSP) shown. The problems arrive when you use a partner which sells you licenses. And that applies for most of you.

Some benefits:.

  1. Only need 1 AD with 1 Azure AD Connect
  2. 1 ADFS environment
  3. 1 portal
  4. 1 GAL or Two 🙂