Here is the comparison chart for the new Education Devices from HP, Lenovo and Acer.

UPDATED: Lenovo Yoga and Dell Latitude

This should illustrate how long time it takes for a student to setup his PC. On Wipe drive i used WICD, On Intune Enrollment I typed the email and waited for MFA. The actual clean logon without user intervention is much faster. On the new user switch, the device was not prepared with Setup My School PC for true multi user. The time it takes is for Windows to prepare a loaner PC or allow a student to borrow another PC in a 1-1 scenario


HP X360

Lenovo N23

Acer B118 Spin

 Surface Pro 4surface pro 4 education Lenovo Yoga 11elenovo yoga 11e edu  Dell Latitude 3189dell latitude 3189 edu
Wipe drive and clean to OOBE  21 min 21 sec  26 min 21 sec  22 min 52 sec  16 min 57 sec  19 min 14 sec  21 min 58 sec
OOBE to Windows  4 min 7 sec  4 min 46 sec  3 min 31 sec  2 min 34 sec  4 min 46 sec  3 min 58 sec
Switch to new user  34 sec  56 sec  46 sec  34 sec 35 sec
Specs Intel Pentium 4/128 Intel Celeron 4/64 Intel Celeron 4/64  Intel Core i5 8/256  Intel Pentium 4/128  Intel Celeron 4/128

Note that during the OOBE and user switching i actually typed in information, hence the benchmark is subject to my typing speed.

Here are the individual tests:

HP x360 EE

Lenovo N23

Acer B118 Spin

Surface Pro 4