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Configuring Conditional Access to Exchange Online (365) with Intune

You can configure Microsoft Intune to block devices that do not comply with a “standard” access to Office 365 Exchange Online email.

Here is how:

  1. in a silverlight browser.
  2. Create a Compliance Policy
  3. Policy->Compliance Policy->Create New
compliance policy
I will demand a password of minimum 6 digits and 1 minutes before screenlock.
Setting the Conditional Access and blocking Exchange Active Sync
  1. Policy->Conditional Acces->Exchange Online Policy
  2. Click following:
    • Activate Policy for Conditional Access
    • Select Specific Platforms
    • Check iOS (my rules will now only apply here, rest can read email.
    • Check: Require Compliance for Mobile Device
    • Select “Block access to e-mail for devices not supported by Intune”
    • Select “All users”
    • Select “No exception users”

The iOS users will now have to enroll in order to read email and when they do they need to set a 6 digit password.

Caution with using Active Sync only:

  1. If the user has allready configured email, he might not be blocked.
  2. If the user has been associated with that device earlier, he might not be blocked.

Enrollment procedure:

  1. Enter Your email in the native mail client by going to settings
  2. You recive an email with instructions on how to get access to your mail.
Follow that instruction.


Office 365 Online Services Activation Email

So you bought Office 365 Online Service? Grats! a new and modern way of using Office is just some clicks away 🙂

This Applies to:

Open Value Subscription
Open Value

Once you partner has ordered the License you will get this email from Microsoft to start the Activation. This is something you have to do yourself or forward this email to your partner. Your partner can only help if he as an Admin Account on your Tenant.

Remember that this email is sendt to a named individual within your organization. Microsoft and Partners call this individual as the Notices and Online Contact. This person has been defined when you first accepted your license agreement. If this person has quit or you can not get access to his inbox you have to contact the partner which in turn have to contact the Distributor to get this changed. The Distributor has to log what we call a CLT Ticket to change this. This change may take a day or two.



From: Microsoft Licensing []

Subject: Aktivering av Microsoft elektroniske tjenester

Velkommen til Microsoft-volumlisensiering   ​

Du mottar denne meldingen fordi du er oppført som administrator for volumlisensavtalen, som organisasjonen nylig signerte med Microsoft.

Klikk her for å komme i gang med dine elektroniske tjenester.  —– Click on “Her” to start the activation

Hvis du ønsker å behandle alle volumlisenskjøpene, inkludert elektroniske tjenester og programvarekjøp, går du inn på servicesenteret for Microsoft-volumlisensiering. På servicesenteret for Microsoft-volumlisensiering kan brukerne i organisasjonen sikkert vise dine kjøpsavtaler og annen informasjon, vise volumlisensbestillinger, laste ned programvare og mye mer. Hvis du ikke har brukt servicesenteret for Microsoft-volumlisensiering før, må du registrere deg for å få tilgang til avtalene. ​

Kontakt din Microsoft-partner hvis du trenger hjelp.  ​

Takk for at du er kunde hos Microsoft.

Tilbakemelding PersonvernerklæringVilkår for bruk | Varemerker © 2015 Microsoft

The trick is to click the three letter button that says: HER

Below is a screenshot of the email you need to look for.

welcome email

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