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Microsoft Edge Karaoke mode with YouTube and Cortana

So I wanted to listen to some music while testing out stuff and went to youtube.

I have Cortana enabled on my machine and I use Edge. Belive it or not when I pressed play, Cortana asked:

lyrics prompt cortana

This transformed my browser to the complete solo-karaoke mode!

Enable Cortana and check it out:

karaoke mode with edge

Getting Cortana and Windows 10 outside supported language

cortana logo

Install correct Language:
For all MSDN & VLSC users out there, if you want to make use of Cortana remember to install US-English version or another supported language of Windows 10. If you do not do that, there is no way to enable Cortana at the moment.

Don’t change default language
Install in with default keyboard, language. Just leave everything to default.

Don’t log in with a Microsoft Account Yet
It seems that if you log in with your MSA/Azure AD account even on a supported language Cortana will be disabled because your Azure AD or MSA might have regional settings.
Choose “Join a domain”

join domain windows 10 enterprise

Run Cortana
She will prompt you to log in with your Microsoft Account, that’s okay now

Activate Windows
Do it.

Connect your Microsoft Account
Then connect your MSA and log in/out

You can now use Cortana

cortana on windows 10 enterprise


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