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Changing Sample Data in Split Page App

—I do not know how to Write Code—

Then let me Present Fugleboka:

Split Page app for WIndows 8
Split Page app for Windows 8

Split Page app works well when you have Several Groups (Bird Categories) and Birds (Category-Items)
Check it out here:
CREDS to @digitaldias for helping out with the code which enables sound



This is how you create Your Split Page app by just replacing code.

1. Run Visual Studio – New Project
2. Select C# (does not really matter, you will not write code anyhow)
3. Give your app a name
4. Click Ok

Now you have actually created all that is needed for the app in terms of code. If you press run, the app will start. Remember, never mess with app name or solution name. Give it one name and stick with it.

Following need to be replaced:
Group Pictures (Bird category) USE BING
Item Pictures (Birds) – USE BING
Information about the bird – USE BING
Capabilities and Language – JUST FOLLOW MY GUIDE

Navigate to the SampleDataSource.cs and find this code in your sample app, about line 262
Find this text and start to replace it:
Like this:
Run the project to see your results:
Include a picture in the asset folder by dragging and dropping a picture from a folder on your computer to the “Asset” folder in the Solution Explorer

Then refer to that picture in the code like this:
image (remember to check if its a .jpg or .png)

Go about the same way for individual items.
find this code:
Create your first bird, e.g. Vampirebat (always use one word, no spaces or special characters)
Notice here that I have changed ITEM_CONTENT to VAMPIREBAT this word now refers to a string a little further up. It is in this string that you write in depth information about the Vampire Bat. As is now, the code will not run. Find this string now:
Now, add the similar string VAMPIREBAT do not remove the ITEM_CONTENT since all the “empty templates” require this string.
image (Run code and click on bats)

Notice the repetition,
Further above in the VAMPIREBAT string you see a lot of \n
\n = breaks the line
\n\n = a new line and a space between
{0} = means the content of the first line

Find a website with info, e.g., copy a paragraph and paste it here:
Find an other paragraph and adjust the string as in the picture, then run the code.

image (Notice that the “About vampire bat” text overlaps the sentence of fact 1.)
This can all be fixed with adding some extra \n like this:
image (Notice also how i have entered static information into the string)
NOW, see the pattern? Start Coding and replace all the categories and content.


Find a Picture for your app, preferably a white background With a logo in the center and best to use a square picture.
If you want to change the app logo when you start the app go to Assets in Solution Explorer and find the files there. Notice you want to change the colors and content off all these files by opening in Paint and copy pasting from Bing. WARNING: DO NOT CHANGE SIZE, keep the file size to the same e.g. 30×30 or 50×50. If you mess that up, the app wont run.
image (notice that submission in the store require you to change all but LightGray & DarkGray)

Before you can submit your app, there are two things to make sure you have entered correctly.

Find this in your solution explorer:
Under language make sure it reflect language you write information in or your app will not pass certification

image (No-nb for Norwegian apps)

Select Capabilities and UNCHECK everything or your app will not pass certification


2 other apps created this way:

Coding Without Code for Windows Phone 7 – Using Phone Browser (WebBrowserTask)

The art of making a  Windows Phone App with little or no coding at all.

Code sample
Step 1 – Find the object you want to click on. You find this object in the “Objects and Timeline”
Step 2 – Select the Item and click the “Event button”
Step 3 – Create touch tap event
Step 4 – Copy/Pasta code

How to navigate from your app into a website using your phone browser.
Here is a picture of what happens in my app:

Step 1 inside the app

uri navigation
Step 2 in the click goes to a website

Mainpage.xaml og mainpage.cs you find here in Expression blend

So, what is going on.

First, for all pro coders here is the what I did:
-dont panic, its just copy pasta, I promise that it is easy

In the mainpage.XAML file:
StackPanel x:Name=”mms” MouseLeftButtonUp=”mms_click”
The StackPanel contains 4 elements, a picture and three text boxes, so when i click on it with it starts an event which i called “mms_click” you can call it anything (e.g. awsomeclickbuttonlol), but remember it for the next step

in the mainpage.xaml.cs file:
private void mms_click(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventArgs e)

WebBrowserTask wb = new WebBrowserTask();
wb.Uri = new Uri(”, UriKind.Absolute);


Ok, breathe…
this is how you do it,
Step 1 – Find the object you want to click on. You find this object in the “Objects and Timeline”

This is a list over all forms, figures, textblocks and pictures which you may can click on

Step 2 – Select the Item and click the “Event button”
Now, there are some options where you have to think logically for a moment.
1. Do I want to launch the browser as soon as I tap the box or do I want it to launch?
2. If you choose MouseLeftButtonDown it will start as soon as you put your finger on it, so if you scroll or just rest your finger accidentally it will launch
3. if you choose MouseLeftButtonUp you may rest your finger on the object and even scroll. it will only launch if you tap the object. this is my reccomended option

you find the event button here

you only use MouseLeftButtonDown or MouseLeftButtonDown – so easy!!!

Step 3 – Create touch tap event
Use your prefered name for the event, but remember you can only use this name once. This name will then execute only one designated action.

You may choose between two different types of Clicks, I reccomend MouseLeftButtonUp

Now, dont panic because this will happen automatically after you enter a name.
the file mainpage.cs.xaml will open and display…. CODE…
DO NOT PANIC – its only copy/paste from this aricle that is needed.

Step 4 – Copy/Pasta code
Now you see the green line, replace this line with the code supplied above and just change the url to what you want the target to be.

This code window will open automatically once you entered a name for the event
Relax and just copy pasta these three lines over the green one, no code needed

1. Save the Project
2. Click Project – Build
3. Click Project – Run

The emulator will open and once its open your app starts loading. Once loaded try clicking on the Object you just created a click event on.

I made this entire object clickable

For more code help, use interwebs and copy pasta.
I used this guy for reference, but did not understand anything untill the two code examples in the end. I did some modification on the code to make it easier in my example.

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