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Benchmark for KingSpec 512gb mSATA SSD

After a while, the Wave 256gb mSATA chip started to fail and “drop” from Windows. Just decided that it might be time to replace the drive. On Banggood I found this item: Kingspec 512gb mSATA and it was priced affordably.

They deliver sizes up to 1TB and I now realize I should have bought the 1TB drive. Aw, to bad.

So how does it compare to the old Wave 256 GB and a Retail SanDisk mSATA SSD?

Answer: Quite Well! A bit better than the Wave 256 but way better than SanDisk. Check it out yourself:

Kingspec 512 mSATA SSD

SanDisk 512 GB mSATA SSD
Wave 256 GB mSATA SSD

Home automation with Xiaomi Yeelight and Motion sensor.

Hi there. On one of my regular shopping sprees on I came across these really nice Xiaomi Yeelight Ceiling lights

They are really good looking and super easy to mount. They also have a powerful light with multiple white color temperatures.

I can not express enough how well made this product is. Even if you just want a plain ceiling lamp, get this one. There is a quick connector to remove the lamp unit. The power connector unit does not require any screws for power and there are plenty of holes to fasten it to the roof or a power-socket box using standard lamp screws.

Anyhow, I connected three of these lamps to two motion sensors and thought the Xiaomi Gateway I set up an automation.

“Once you enter the room, turn on the lights” 


“Once there is no motion within 2 minutes, turn off the lights”

Really simple, here is how it works:


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